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published : 2023-10-19

Daughter Showcases Mother's Obsession with Diet Coke on TikTok

From home decor to soap dispensers, a daughter reveals her mom's love for the popular diet drink

A photo of Rowan Sturgill capturing her mother's obsession with Diet Coke, taken with a Nikon D850.

Rowan Sturgill of Lexington, Kentucky, has taken to TikTok to showcase her mother's obsession with Diet Coke.

Through a series of videos, Sturgill captures various moments throughout their home that highlight her mother's love for the fizzy beverage.

The TikTok video begins with a piece of door decor shaped like a Diet Coke glass bottle adorned with a bow.

Next, Sturgill shows a soap dispenser labeled Diet Coke, proving that her mother's obsession extends even to their bathroom decor.

The video then moves to a wall filled with images and quotes related to Diet Coke, emphasizing the prominent role the drink plays in their lives.

An image of the door decor shaped like a Diet Coke glass bottle with a bow, showcasing the mother's love for the drink, taken with a Canon EOS R5.

One poster reads, 'There's a reason why bubbly is also a mood.'

The recognizable 'in case of emergency break glass' safety panel takes a Diet Coke twist in their home, with a can of Diet Coke replacing the fire extinguisher.

One corner of their home is filled with a variety of Diet Coke ornaments, adding a unique touch to their Christmas decorations.

A wall dedicated to variously shaped bottles and cans of Diet Coke resembles a shrine, showcasing the family's deep fondness for the soda.

The video concludes with a piece of artwork that reads, 'This home runs on Love, Laughter, and lots of Diet Coke,' reinforcing the central role the drink plays in their everyday life.

A close-up photo of the soap dispenser labeled Diet Coke in their bathroom, highlighting the extent of the obsession, taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

Throughout the video, it becomes clear that Sturgill's mother's love for Diet Coke goes beyond a simple preference; it is an all-encompassing obsession.

Friends of Sturgill who have experienced the home's atmosphere describe it as walking into an 'alternate reality' and note that even the water tastes like Diet Coke.

This TikTok video is just one of many that highlight the recent obsession with Diet Coke on the platform, with the hashtag Diet Coke amassing over 1.1 billion views.

The allure of this video lies in the fascinating glimpse it provides into the extraordinary world of a Diet Coke-obsessed household.

It serves as a testament to the power of the drink to captivate and simultaneously intrigues viewers to discover more about this seemingly mundane but captivating obsession.