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published : 2023-10-26

Benefits of Using Beer to Rinse Your Hair

Beer: The Secret to Achieving Healthy and Luscious Locks?

A woman pouring beer onto her hair as part of her haircare routine, taken with a Nikon D850

Have you always dreamed of having long, luscious locks? Nailing down the perfect hair routine takes some trial and error. It all starts with good shampoo and conditioner and then incorporating other techniques into your routine.

There are many hacks people swear by to achieve dream hair — masks, salon-style treatments, expensive products, oils, and more. But have you ever considered using beer to boost your hair health? It could be just the solution you’ve been wanting.

Before you dive into pouring a pilsner atop your head, remember that everyone’s hair is different, so the outcome may not be what you were looking for. Below you’ll find more information on how to use beer for sleeker hair and what you can expect from the technique.

For centuries, women have relied on this old wives' tale to get shiny, irresistibly touchable hair. And while the idea of smelling like a dingy dive may turn some off from the treatment, experts say there may be some benefits to this regimen.

Beer may give your hair a fuller, shinier look. Beer has a number of natural antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins that can help prevent heart disease and even rebuild muscle. Beer is also 93% water and dark beer, specifically, has higher iron content than lighter beers. Incorporating beer rinses into your routine, and enjoying a cold one here and there, if you're of age, can contribute to a healthier body overall as well as healthier hair.

Close-up of a woman with shiny and luscious locks, showcasing the benefits of using beer for hair health, taken with a Canon EOS R

Drinking an adequate amount of water keeps your entire body hydrated, including your hair. One symptom of iron deficiency is brittle hair and nails. You may see fuller, thicker, and more bodied hair with beer rinses.

Although beer could help make your hair more shiny, full, and healthy, there is no evidence beer can help hair grow. Stylist Luigi Parasmo, who has worked on runway shows for couture brands such as Versace, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana, also believes beer can make everything better, at least in the hair department. 'Beer works well because the alcohol acts as a cleansing and shine agent,' Parasmo told Fox News Digital. 'It has a softening effect as well.'

However, if you're trying to add natural length to your locks, you'll need to look into other hair tricks and hacks to do so. One way to promote hair growth is keeping your hair healthy through routine trims. Trimming your hair helps eliminate damaged hair and allows it to grow healthier and faster. Beer will not help your hair grow, but there are plenty of other techniques to try with that goal in mind.

You can also purchase shampoos and conditioners that boost hair growth and use a hair mask on a weekly basis that aims to serve the same purpose. When using heat products like a straightener or curling iron, don’t skip the heat protectant spray. Applying heat protectant to your hair can prevent it from being damaged. You can also promote hair growth through the foods you eat. Incorporate plenty of protein in your diet to help hair grow faster.

Some experts do not agree that using beer on your hair is the best idea. 'Aside from the awkwardness of trying to use beer from a can or bottle in the shower, I don’t think you want to worry about having to rinse it all out and risk your head of hair smelling like a frat party,' said hair restoration physician Dr. Alan Bauman. 'Most of the positive reviews I’ve found in my research seem to be from those who work for companies that produce beer shampoo — not a good sign.'

A variety of beer shampoo bottles displayed on a shelf, offering alternative options for those interested in trying beer for their hair, taken with a Sony A7III

There are several other drawbacks for trying to use beer for gorgeous hair. The alcohol could be too drying for some, which could potentially strip away the natural oils hair needs to maintain overall good health. There seem to be conflicting opinions on how beer should be used for maximum results. Dr. Ryan Welter says beer should first be boiled to lower its drying alcoholic content. Once it properly cools down, it can then be applied directly on clean hair before completely rinsing out. Parasmo recommends putting beer in a spray bottle and lightly spritzing as a leave-in conditioner. Mark Mena, a celebrity hair stylist, offers another method for using beer on hair. 'For a hygienically acceptable application, at the end of a shower, pour a flat beer over your hair straight from your roots. Let it sit for 3-4 minutes and rinse with cold water to increase shine. To avoid the stench that can come with beer, follow-up with a fragrant conditioner.'

If you're opposed to adding beer directly to your hair for a full rinse, but still interested in the idea, some brands sell beer shampoo that works in the same way. BRÖÖ offers a craft beer thickening shampoo which you can purchase online. Additionally, Crazy Skin sells beer shampoo made with yeast. Lastly, FarmBody offers a number of beer products including an Apple Ale shampoo and conditioner.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of beer's potential benefits for your hair, it's up to you to decide if it's worth giving it a try. Remember, everyone's hair is unique, so results may vary. Whether you prefer to embrace this age-old secret or explore alternative methods, achieving the hair of your dreams is within reach.