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published : 2023-09-09

'Creepy' twin sisters dress the same way for multiple decades: ‘We are very similar'

The 69-year-old twins have been dressing the same for many years

Two smiling twin sisters wearing matching outfits, taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Twins have always had a special bond, but for one particular pair of identical twins, that bond goes above and beyond.

Rosey Coles and Kathy Heffernan, 69-year-old twin sisters from Hampshire, England, have been dressing the same every single day for decades.

Their commitment to matching outfits is so strong that they even get stopped on the street for a photo op.

But it's not just their clothes that are identical - these sisters have the same glasses, hairstyle, and even live in identical homes next to each other.

Close-up of twin sisters' matching glasses and hairstyle, taken with Nikon D850

Their enduring dedication to mirroring each other's style began in childhood, and despite getting married and moving apart for a while, they reunited in 2012 and reignited their identical clothing trend.

These inseparable sisters spend every day together, whether it's going to the café, shopping, or simply taking drives.

They've even worked together for 11 years at their cleaning business.

They share a strong resemblance and are frequently mistaken for one another, but they embrace it, finding it both amusing and 'creepy'.

Side-by-side comparison of twin sisters' identical homes, taken with Sony Alpha A7R III

The twins' devotion to dressing the same extends to their travel adventures as well. They recently embarked on a cruise to France and Spain, making sure to pack matching clothes for the trip.

Rosey and Kathy have amassed quite a collection of clothes throughout the years, with their wardrobe overflowing with options.

They have no plans to break their fashion tradition, as they intend to continue wearing identical outfits for the rest of their lives.

Their story is a testament to the deep bond that twins share, reminding us that sometimes it's the little quirks that truly make a relationship special.