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published : 2023-09-24

Georgia Dentist Holds World Record for Largest Toothpaste Tube Collection

Guinness World Records recognizes Alpharetta dentist's unique collection

A portrait of Val Kolpakov, the Georgia dentist with the largest toothpaste tube collection, proudly showcasing his remarkable assemblage of tubes. (Photo taken with Canon EOS R)

Val Kolpakov, a dentist from Alpharetta, Georgia, has earned the prestigious title of holding the world record for the largest collection of toothpaste tubes.

With thousands of tubes in his possession, Kolpakov's remarkable collection has been acknowledged by Guinness World Records.

Since 2001, Kolpakov has passionately embarked on this endeavor to expand his knowledge as a dentist and explore the vast array of toothpastes available on the market.

The hobby quickly became a fascinating pursuit, as he ventured beyond new and current toothpaste brands to seek out vintage tubes and unique flavors from around the world.

His collection consists of toothpastes sourced from countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, India, Russia, and Germany.

The value of Kolpakov's collection is estimated to exceed $30,000, making it not only a remarkable achievement but also a significant investment.

Visitors to his dental office can catch a glimpse of some of these illustrious tubes, which adorn shelves, cabinets, and walls.

However, the majority of his collection is kept in his personal residence, emphasizing the vastness and magnitude of his endeavor.

An intriguing close-up shot of one of the unique toothpaste flavors in Val Kolpakov's collection - whisky-flavored toothpaste from Japan. (Photo taken with Nikon D850)

Among the thousands of collected toothpaste tubes, there are some unconventional flavors that capture the imagination.

From whisky and bacon to chocolate, rose, wasabi, and bamboo, Kolpakov's collection showcases the unexpected variety of toothpaste options available.

But the uniqueness doesn't stop at flavors alone.

Kolpakov possesses toothpaste tubes that come in different shapes, adorned with branded artworks, and even those that hold historic significance.

For instance, he owns a rocket-shaped tube as well as a set of crayon-shaped tubes licensed by Crayola.

Additionally, his collection includes a fictional toothpaste tube, Brenner's, made famous by its appearance in the TV series 'Prison Break.'

An intriguing highlight is a toothpaste tube featuring the iconic StarKist logo, a brand synonymous with tuna, though it doesn't actually taste fishy.

Furthermore, Kolpakov possesses toothpaste tubes that have been retrieved from World War II trenches and tubes that were used by astronauts during space missions.

A captivating image capturing the assortment of vintage toothpaste tubes collected by Val Kolpakov, showcasing their distinct packaging and historical significance. (Photo taken with Sony Alpha a7 III)

In an interview, Kolpakov reveals that while he hasn't actively sought to expand his collection, other collectors have sent him toothpaste tubes as thoughtful gifts.

Occasionally, he stumbles upon unique toothpaste varieties on online platforms like eBay or Amazon and eagerly adds them to his assemblage.

Most recently, he acquired toothpastes in 'alien blood' and 'eyeball juice' flavors from a local retailer, Target.

Although daring to collect toothpastes with such intriguing names, Kolpakov admits he has yet to muster the courage to taste these unconventional flavors.

In addition to his vast toothpaste collection, Kolpakov's assortment also includes a multitude of flossing products, resulting in a comprehensive tooth-cleaning collection comprising approximately 3,000 items.

Val Kolpakov's extraordinary dedication, unwavering pursuit of dental knowledge, and unrivaled assemblage of toothpaste tubes have carved a place for him in the realm of Guinness World Records.

His collection stands as a testimony to the vast world of oral hygiene offerings, serving as a fascinating reminder of the diversity and creativity that can be found even in the most mundane of products.