published : 2023-09-25

Dem Congressman Considering Challenge to Biden in 2024: 'I'm Concerned'

Minneapolis Democrat Dean Phillips encourages colleagues to enter the race

Rep. Dean Phillips speaking at a Democratic event in Minnesota, taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Renowned Democrat Congressman Dean Phillips from Minnesota has hinted at the possibility of challenging President Biden for the Democratic party's presidential nomination in 2024.

In a recent episode of 'The Warning' podcast, Phillips revealed, 'I am thinking about it. I haven't ruled it out.' Despite acknowledging that there are others better prepared with national organizations and recognition, Phillips expressed his concerns about not having a viable alternative.

He emphasized the importance of democracy having choices and competition, particularly in light of polling data and his own intuition. Phillips has been advocating for his Democrat colleagues to enter the race, urging them to seize the opportunity to lead the party into the future.

A group of Democratic governors discussing party strategies, taken with Nikon D850.

While expressing his admiration for President Biden, Phillips has also voiced his desire for the torch to be passed to new leaders. He believes a moderate governor from the heartland would be ideal, stating, 'That's why we have primaries because that doesn't undermine the likelihood of returning a Democrat to the White House.'

An issue that is increasingly being raised is President Biden's age. Turning 81 in November 2024, Biden has faced questions from both sides of the aisle regarding his ability to lead effectively. Phillips shared his concerns that unforeseen events could turn the Democratic Convention into a disaster, urging his party to consider their electoral strategy.

Although Phillips continues to encourage others he deems better prepared to run a successful campaign, he is not ruling out the possibility of his own bid for the presidency. The race for the Democratic nomination in 2024 remains open, and Phillips' consideration adds suspense and excitement to an already intriguing political landscape.

President Biden addressing a crowd during a campaign rally, taken with Sony Alpha a7 III.

Stay tuned for updates from the 2024 campaign trail as the journey unfolds and the next Democratic contender for the White House emerges.