published : 2023-08-21

Examining the Intricate Ties between Liberal Media and Politics

Transition of Individuals from Politics to News Reporting Has Created a Persistent Media Bias

A portrait of President Biden during a speech, capturing the intensity and focus in his eyes. An ideal image to set the context of the discussion in the article. (Taken with Nikon D850)

The numerous parallels linking President Biden with the liberal media raise intriguing questions about the profound intertwining of politics and journalism in today's world.

In a recent incident, it was revealed that President Biden narrated flawed anecdotes from his past during a speech in Milwaukee, setting off a tempest amongst various media panelists.

A pervasive trend observed in the current media landscape is the comfortable shift of individuals from the political arena to assumedly 'unbiased' news outlets.

Sadly, no alarm comes from those embedded within the industry, suggesting that political experience is regarded as an advantage rather than a conflict of interest in news dissemination.

Revealing one such case, NBC News recently made it public that Laura Jarrett, the offspring of Valerie Jarrett, the Obamas' closest aide, and now a senior advisor to the Obama Foundation, would co-host their Saturday 'Today' news program.

Laura Jarrett first made her move into supposedly neutral journalism at CNN, proving her bias by consistently focusing on Trump-related controversies while never mentioning her connections to prominent Democrats.

A candid shot of Laura Jarrett reporting live for NBC. This picture helps to visually connect the reader with the characters in the narrative. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

She supplants Kristen Welker, another correspondent with notable Democratic ties, who is now transitioning to host 'Meet the Press'.

Welker's family has a history of contributing extensively to the Democratic cause, with her parents, Julie and Harvey Welker, donating generously to several Democratic candidates.

Previously, Chuck Todd, the current host of 'Meet the Press', also carried his experience from working in the 1992 presidential campaign for former Democrat Senator Tom Harkin to NBC.

Adding to the cycle, Todd's wife, a fundraiser and strategy architect for Democratic candidates, maintains propinquity to influential figures like Bernie Sanders, yet Todd never mentions these connections in his talks with notable Democrats.

The narrative is similar across various news networks like MSNBC, where individuals with Biden-Harris campaign connections outnumber those without.

The recruitment of Biden campaigns' communication director Kate Bedingfield by CNN straight from the White House, underlines the perpetuated circle of politics to media and vice versa.

As the final visual prompt, an image reflecting a newsroom or a media house, showing journalists in action. This allows the reader to appreciate the behind-the-scenes operations of a news outlet and provides closure to the narrative. (Taken with Sony Alpha 7R IV)

But it's not just the Democrats; there are examples from the Republican side as well.

However, the Republican participation in this revolving door, it appears, begins only post-office...

Biden's team seems to utilize this opportunistic avenue concurrently as they run for re-election.

In the end, the question is not about who presents the news, but about the noticeable shift in media's unbiased stance.

Is the media just a transformed mouthpiece of partisan politics? It's getting harder to discern.

This entanglement between politics and the 'objective media purports to be an unforeseen turn in the ethos of news dissemination, raising crucial issues about the preservation of integrity and truth in journalism.