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published : 2023-10-13

IDF Strikes 750 Hamas Targets in Nighttime Offensive

Israeli military responds to Hamas attacks with precision airstrikes

An IDF fighter jet soaring through the sky, ready to strike Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip. Photo taken with a Nikon D850 camera.

In a powerful nighttime offensive, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) targeted a total of 750 military targets in the Gaza Strip. This strong response comes in the wake of recent attacks launched by the terrorist group Hamas onto Israeli soil.

Various fighter jets were deployed to strike Hamas military assets located across the Gaza Strip. Notably, a multi-story building used by the group for terror purposes was heavily damaged during the operation. The IDF's precision strikes aimed to cripple key infrastructures controlled by Hamas.

Among the targets identified and neutralized were the notorious underground Hamas terror tunnels, military compounds and posts, residences of senior terrorist operatives functioning as military command centers, weapons storage warehouses, and communications rooms. The IDF's sharp focus also extended to eliminating specific senior Hamas operatives.

In addition to the airstrikes, soldiers from a special unit carried out a targeted operation against three Hamas operatives, known for their expertise in mortar fire, at a military command center in Gaza City.

A group of IDF soldiers from a special unit carrying out a targeted operation at a Hamas command center in Gaza City. Photo taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera.

These strategic maneuvers by the IDF come as Israel issues a warning to civilians in northern Gaza, urging them to evacuate the area within 24 hours for their safety. The IDF aims to disrupt the capabilities of Hamas through a combination of targeted strikes and increased control over the region.

Thursday's overnight attacks build upon a prior wave of strikes carried out by Israel, which resulted in the elimination of a senior Hamas leader and the destruction of operational command centers in Gaza. The IDF remains resolute in their mission to dismantle Hamas' terrorist infrastructure.

One of the fatalities resulting from the airstrikes executed on Thursday was Muhammad Abu Shamla, a senior Hamas naval operative. His residence, which doubled as a storage site for naval weapons intended for terrorizing Israeli territories, was a key target for the IDF.

While Israel continues to take decisive action against Hamas, the terror group has urged Muslims worldwide to protest Israel and join their fight. Hamas claims that 13 hostages, who were originally taken during a surprise attack in Israel, have been killed as a result of Israeli airstrikes. The identities of these hostages remain undisclosed, and Israel has not yet confirmed Hamas' claim.

The aftermath of a precision airstrike on a Hamas weapons storage warehouse in the Gaza Strip. Debris lies scattered on the ground as smoke billows upwards. Photo taken with a Sony Alpha a7R III camera.

It is important to note that Hamas resorts to using civilian structures, including homes, to shield themselves from Israel's response. This exploitation of innocent lives as human shields further complicates the situation in Gaza.

Since Hamas launched its attack on Israel, the death toll currently stands at more than 2,800 Israelis and Palestinians, with at least 9,800 individuals wounded. As tensions escalate, Israeli forces reportedly consider a ground invasion of Gaza to further quell the threat posed by Hamas.

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