Foreign Policy

published : 2023-10-17

Biden's Support of Iran: A $6 Billion Mideast Disaster

Iran's Role in Unleashing Terror and Devastation

A photo of President Joe Biden, taken with a Nikon Z7 camera

October 7, 2023, will forever be remembered as a dark day in history, as the deadliest attack on the Jewish people since World War II unfolded. In a shocking surprise, the terrorist group Hamas launched thousands of rockets at Israeli cities, leaving hundreds of civilians dead. This horrific event, however, would not have been possible without the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

President Joe Biden's decision to offer support to Iran puts Israel in further jeopardy. Iran has been a long-time benefactor of Hamas, providing them with funding, arms, training, and even assistance in planning the attacks. Iran's fingerprints are all over this act of barbarism.

Iran's involvement in supporting Hamas goes beyond financial aid. They have been instrumental in Hamas' development, from manufacturing the rockets used in the attacks to training their operatives. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) played a significant role in plotting the October 7 attacks, meeting with Hamas and providing assistance in the months leading up to the devastating event.

Even Biden's own National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, has acknowledged Iran's broad complicity in these attacks. The evidence is overwhelming, pointing to Iran as the key enabler of this terrorism.

A photo of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, taken with a Canon EOS R6 camera

Sadly, the recent attacks by Hezbollah, another Iranian-backed terrorist organization, from Lebanon only further highlight Iran's role in destabilizing the region. Iran's support for these terrorist groups is matched by Biden's support for Iran.

Since taking office, Biden has helped unfreeze billions of dollars in Iranian assets and has inadvertently contributed to their estimated $80 billion in oil profits since 2021. It's clear that Iran is diverting this newfound wealth to strengthen its military capabilities, including the very branch that plotted the October 7 attack, the IRGC.

Now, there is a possibility of an additional $6 billion payment to Iran as part of an ill-conceived hostage deal struck by Biden. The administration claims that this money will be used for humanitarian purposes, but Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi has made it clear that they will decide how to spend it, making the true intentions questionable.

While the Biden administration has delayed the release of this $6 billion due to public pressure, the refusal to permanently freeze these funds raises concerns. To address these issues, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and I are introducing legislation to block this payment and prevent any future monetary support to Iran.

A photo of Senator Mitch McConnell, taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III camera

It is crucial to understand that any financial assistance to Iran indirectly supports terrorism. The United States government must not provide Iran with a single cent, as it would effectively be financing acts of terror.

To end Iran's Biden Dividend, we must strengthen existing sanctions and return to a policy of maximum economic pressure. It is time to prioritize the safety and security of our allies, such as Israel, over any dealings with a state that sponsors terrorism.

Together, we have the power to demand accountability and ensure that Iran does not continue to sow chaos and destruction in the Middle East. Let us stand united against terrorism and work towards a safer future for all.