published : 2023-08-24

Mocking Giuliani: Democrat Leaders Ride Social Media Wave Over Mugshot

Rudy Giuliani's arrest ignites a social media frenzy, with prominent Democrats partaking in the mockery

A suggestive portrait of Rudy Giuliani, the disgraced former Mayor of New York City, staring pensively off camera. His hands seem to play with a pair of silver handcuffs. Taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani has become the central figure in a rampant social media trend following his anticipated arrest as an alleged co-conspirator in the election interference case involving ex-President Trump.

Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, targeted her satire at Giuliani after his mugshot was released as part of the ongoing case in Fulton County, Georgia, concerning the tumultuous 2020 election.

Giuliani, once the beacon of New York City, now stands as one amongst 18 accused in the latest criminal indictment against Trump; the fourth such accusation in less than half a year.

The alleged conspiracy's objective: to nullify the Georgia results of the 2020 election.

Democrat audiences and critics of Trump found a field day in Giuliani's booking photo that tantalized social media users.

A minimalist shot of a social media app on a smartphone screen. Representative Ilhan Omar's bold mockery of Giuliani is vividly shown on the display. Taken with a Nikon D850.

"Smile Rudy, your[sp] on camera," posted a playful Omar on her Instagram story.

Rudolph Giuliani, the ex-Mayor's full name, found his mugshot becoming the face of the indictment — a sentiment echoed by Democrat senator Al Franken, who humorously pondered over Giuliani's visual displeasure on Twitter, his feed formerly known as X.

Adding on to the growing list of posts was Jon Cooper, a former Long Island elected official and founder of an anti-Trump super PAC, rallying his supporters to keep Giuliani's disgraceful image alive and in circulation.

Mugshots of former Trump lawyers, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, also hit the internet on Wednesday, reinforcing the gravity of the indictment.

Upon release from the Fulton County jailhouse, Giuliani blasted the arrest as an assault on the Constitution and the district attorney of Fulton County for leading the probe.

An atmospheric black and white shot of a courthouse facade, symbolizing the serious weight of the 2020 election controversy in Georgia and the subsequent criminal indictment. Taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

Predicting the case dismissal, Giuliani proclaimed that Fulton County DA Fani Willis will be remembered for orchestrating one of the worst attacks on the American Constitution while simultaneously infringing on people's First Amendment rights.

Amid the intense discourse, the former President is expected to face his own consequences, with an anticipated arrest looming on the horizon.

This marks Trump’s fourth criminal indictment within six months and the second one closely related to the controversial 2020 election.