published : 2023-09-23

Joe Rogan's Support for RFK Jr. Sparks Controversy Amidst Democratic Primary Race

Rogan expresses doubts about the party's willingness to allow Kennedy on the ballot or debate President Biden

Podcaster Joe Rogan having a conversation with journalist Alex Berenson, taken with Canon EOS R5

Podcaster Joe Rogan, known for his candid discussions and influential platform, has voiced his support for Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

During a conversation with journalist Alex Berenson, Rogan praised Kennedy's work as an environmental attorney and his efforts in cleaning up the Hudson River.

Expressing admiration for Kennedy's genuine care for people, Rogan stated, 'I think he's a good person, I really do.'

When asked if he would vote for RFK Jr., Rogan confirmed, 'Yeah, I'd vote for him. Yeah, I would.' However, he expressed skepticism about the likelihood of Kennedy's nomination.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaking passionately about his environmental work on the Hudson River, taken with Nikon Z7 II

Rogan speculated that the Democratic Party may have 'rascally tricks up their sleeves' to prevent Kennedy from challenging President Biden in a primary and speculated that there would be no debates.

As the conversation continued, Rogan turned his attention to the state of the nation and described it as a captivating show he couldn't stop watching.

He stated, 'If it wasn't something going on in the country that I live in, I would be like, 'Wow, this show, this is crazy.''

RFK Jr.'s recent op-ed in Newsweek criticizing President Biden's immigration policy received attention and highlighted his dissension within the party.

Joe Rogan expressing his admiration for RFK Jr.'s genuine care for people, taken with Sony A7 III

In the op-ed, Kennedy argued against the idea that the president can rely solely on his advisers to govern effectively, emphasizing the importance of democracy.

While RFK Jr. has generated significant support since launching his primary challenge, doubts remain about his ability to secure the nomination.

With Joe Rogan's endorsement elevating Kennedy's visibility, intrigue and controversy surround the evolving Democratic primary race.