published : 2023-09-13

Pregnant Woman with Brain Cancer Rejects Abortion: 'Killing My Baby Wouldn't Have Saved Me'

Tasha Kann Refuses to Listen to Doctors' Recommendation and Defies Predictions of Survival

A photo of Tasha Kann embracing her baby daughter Gracey, taken with a Canon EOS R.

In 2022, Tasha Kann received devastating news—she had been diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma grade III, a rare and aggressive malignant brain tumor. At 20 weeks pregnant with her second child, doctors advised her to have an abortion so she could undergo chemotherapy and radiation.

However, Tasha Kann refused to listen to their recommendation. She firmly believed that aborting her baby went against God's will and would not save her own life.

Despite the doctors' predictions, Tasha Kann gave birth to a healthy baby girl and defied the odds. More than a year after her diagnosis, she is still alive, and she attributes it to the miracle of God.

Tasha Kann's battle with cancer began when she mistook her symptoms for a migraine. However, she soon realized something was seriously wrong when she experienced tingling sensations and lost mobility in her limbs. After calling for help and undergoing a CT scan, she received the heartbreaking diagnosis.

Three doctors stood at the foot of her hospital bed, urging her to terminate her pregnancy and start treatment immediately. They believed it would give her the best chances of survival, estimating she might have five to eight years to live. Yet Tasha Kann remained unwavering in her decision to save her baby's life.

A close-up shot of Tasha Kann during her alternative immunotherapy treatment at the Burzynski Clinic, taken with a Nikon Z6.

Guided by her faith, Tasha Kann had deep conversations with Jesus during her hospital stay. She knew that holding onto the Lord and his promises would protect her unborn baby.

Despite the stable scans throughout her pregnancy, Tasha Kann felt disgusted that the doctors continued to recommend abortion. She firmly believed that even if the cancer was as dire as they claimed, killing her baby would not have saved her.

As a hospice nurse, Tasha Kann had witnessed the toll that chemotherapy and radiation took on patients. She made the decision to explore holistic approaches and make dietary changes, exercise, and incorporate supplements into her routine.

Instead of undergoing conventional treatments, Tasha Kann chose alternative immunotherapy at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. With a port installed in her chest, she administers the treatments at home. However, finding an oncologist in Michigan who supports this approach has been challenging.

While Tasha Kann continues to fight her battle against cancer, the cost of her immunotherapy treatments weighs heavily. Each month, the treatments amount to $17,000, and with a recommended duration of 12 months, the total cost exceeds $200,000. Insurance does not cover experimental therapies, but the community has rallied to support her through fundraisers and a Go Fund Me campaign.

An image of Tasha Kann with her husband and children, symbolizing the strength and support she receives in her journey, taken with a Sony a7 III.

Although Tasha Kann faces physical challenges such as fatigue, weakness, seizure activity, and occasional vision issues, she remains determined to live a semi-normal life despite her central nervous system cancer.

Every day is a mental battle for Tasha Kann, even though some people mistakenly assume she is fine because she isn't undergoing traditional chemotherapy and radiation. She pushes herself daily, relying on her husband and children for support and strength.

Tasha Kann's hope for the future is to become cancer-free and raise her two beautiful children. Despite the doctors' predictions and the hurdles she faces, she continues to defy the odds and prove them wrong.

Tasha Kann's story serves as a powerful testament to her unwavering faith, her determination to save her baby's life, and her relentless fight against cancer. It is a narrative of hope, resilience, and the incredible miracles that can happen in the face of adversity.