published : 2023-11-04

Navy SEAL Veteran and Senate Candidate Urges Biden to Take Strong Action Against Iran as Israel Fights for Survival

Israel is in a battle for its very existence, says Tim Sheehy, Republican candidate for the 2024 Montana Senate race

Former Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy speaking at a campaign rally in Montana, taken with a Nikon D850

Former Navy SEAL and Senate candidate, Tim Sheehy, is calling on America to provide unconditional support to Israel as it faces a grave conflict in the Middle East.

Sheehy criticizes the Biden administration for not recognizing the true threat posed by Iran, stating that Iran is the mortal enemy of American freedom.

Sheehy emphasizes that Israel doesn't need assistance in fighting Hamas, but rather, it requires unwavering support in its struggle to maintain independence against hostile Muslim actors.

The GOP candidate points out that Biden's decision to unfreeze $6 billion in assets to Iran just before Hamas attacked Israel was a mistake that has been rectified.

A powerful image of Israel's flag waving proudly in the wind, taken with a Canon EOS R5

Sheehy highlights the urgency of distancing America from Iran and discontinuing economic appeasement, asserting that these conflicts require separate aid packages.

While Biden has requested emergency supplemental funding to aid both Israel and Ukraine, Sheehy argues that the situations differ significantly, with Israel fighting for survival.

Sheehy condemns the recent anti-Israel sentiments displayed on college campuses, attributing them to a generation that has been indoctrinated with negative views of Western civilization and Israel.

The veteran suggests that these students should visit the Middle East and see the reality before engaging in protests.

Protesters demonstrating against Iranian aggression in the Middle East, taken with a Sony Alpha A7III

When comparing the handling of Middle East relations, Sheehy credits former President Donald Trump for standing up to Iranian aggression and supporting Israel.

Sheehy concludes by emphasizing the need to destroy extremist ideologies and not negotiate or appease them.