published : 2023-11-30

Good Tidings and Cheer Amidst Capitol Chaos

Progressive Protesters Fly Scandal-Ridden Congressman's Balloon Outside the Capitol

A group of progressive protesters flying the scandal-ridden Congressman's balloon outside the Capitol. (Taken with Nikon D850)

On Tuesday, a group of progressive protesters made a bold statement outside the Capitol building by flying a massive balloon depicting scandal-ridden Congressman George Santos.

While the Capitol Christmas tree stood tall, unlike the White House Christmas tree that recently toppled, the atmosphere inside the House of Representatives was far from festive.

House Speaker Mike Johnson had the challenging task of lighting the Capitol Christmas tree, a 63-foot tall Norway spruce from the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia.

But amidst the holiday cheer, chaos ensued when four demonstrators interrupted the tree lighting ceremony, shouting 'Ceasefire now!' and unfurling a Palestinian flag. The U.S. Capitol Police swiftly arrested them.

As the Capitol press corps went on a wild goose chase to find Johnson and embattled Rep. George Santos, tensions continued to rise. Santos, facing expulsion, claimed that Johnson did not ask him to step aside.

House Speaker Mike Johnson lighting the Capitol Christmas tree amidst the chaotic atmosphere. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

Despite this ongoing drama, Johnson remained tight-lipped about the status of Santos and the expulsion efforts, choosing to focus on his tree lighting duties.

Expelling a member of Congress is no easy feat, with a high bar set by the requirement of a two-thirds vote from all members casting ballots. This raises concerns for Republicans, who fear the consequences of a failed expulsion vote.

However, Rep. Robert Garcia, joined by Rep. Dan Goldman, engineered a resolution to expel Santos, daring Republicans to oppose it.

'We’re tired of waiting. We’re tired of the games that the Republicans have played to protect George Santos and their slim majority,' said Goldman, urging action.

While some Republicans believe Santos is 'toast,' others question the lack of due process and emphasize that he has not been convicted of anything.

U.S. Capitol Police arresting the demonstrators who interrupted the tree lighting ceremony. (Taken with Sony Alpha a7 III)

With opinions divided among Republicans, the final vote remains uncertain. But Democrats are prepared to vote almost unanimously for expulsion.

The decision to expel Santos, table the resolution, or block it altogether will have implications beyond his own fate, potentially setting a precedent and impacting the fragile majority that Republicans hold in the House.

As the holiday season unfolds on Capitol Hill, filled with uncertainty and intrigue, one thing is for certain - the drama surrounding Santos will continue to captivate and influence the political landscape.