published : 2023-10-12

Senator Tom Cotton Demands Answers from Biden Admin on Iran's $6B

Cotton highlights Iran's support for Hamas and criticizes Biden's policy

Senator Tom Cotton giving a passionate speech on countering terrorism, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Senator Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, sets his sights on the Biden administration's policy towards Iran and their handling of the ongoing war in Israel.

Cotton emphasizes Iran's role as the world's worst state sponsor of terrorism and asserts that groups like Hamas wouldn't have the scale and brutality they possess without Iran's support.

He raises concerns about President Biden freeing up $6 billion for Iran, potentially emboldening them and allowing them to continue supporting terrorist organizations.

While it remains unclear whether the funds have been released or are being held offshore, Cotton urges the administration to refreeze the Iranian assets.

President Joe Biden addressing the nation on his foreign policy decisions regarding Iran, taken with a Nikon D850

Cotton is troubled by the administration's refusal to provide a straightforward answer on whether they plan to allow Iran access to the $6 billion, similar to how they've allowed Iran to bypass sanctions and continue their campaign of terror.

The recent deadly attacks launched by Iranian-backed Hamas against Israel have brought attention to the $6 billion in assets freed by President Biden.

Thousands of rockets were fired into Israel, and fighters infiltrated through the border, leading to a war that has claimed over 1100 lives and left numerous others wounded.

Republican critics have seized upon the unfrozen Iranian assets, accusing Biden of indirectly funding terrorism.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference discussing the ongoing conflict with Hamas, taken with a Sony A7III

They argue that it's not just about the $6 billion, but rather the overall approach of the administration towards Iran, allowing them freedom to act as they please.

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