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published : 2023-10-19

AI or ET?: Experts Split on Search for Aliens or New Tech

Alien artificial intelligence may hold the key to understanding extraterrestrial life

An image of Eamonn Kerins, the astrophysicist and SETI researcher, holding a telescope and looking up at the stars. (Photo taken with Nikon D850)

Humans curious about whether we are alone in the universe may be searching for the wrong thing, according to some experts.

Renowned astrophysicist Eamonn Kerins suggests that the search for alien life should focus on alien artificial intelligence (AI).

Kerins explains that as humans are on the verge of achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI), there is a possibility that extraterrestrial civilizations have already surpassed us in intelligence.

The concept of a 'singularity' also plays a role in this discussion.

The singularity refers to a point at which technology advances so rapidly that it surpasses human comprehension.

If the singularity occurs, it could provide insight into the forms of alien life we might encounter.

Christopher Alexander, chief analytics officer of Pioneer Development Group, suggests two possibilities.

A futuristic image of a superintelligent alien artificial intelligence communicating with humans through advanced technology. (Photo taken with Canon EOS R5)

Either there are civilizations similar to ours, augmented by AI, or there is a civilization with a completely autonomous AI.

With our universe being billions of years old, there has been ample time for an AI life form to emerge and evolve through a singularity.

The implications of discovering alien AI would be immense, potentially challenging our understanding of existence.

However, verification of any form of alien life is still a significant challenge.

Phil Siegel, founder of the Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation, suggests that advanced life forms might intentionally remain undetectable.

SETI researchers have expanded their search to include 'technosignatures', signs of technology and engineering humans may not fully comprehend but can detect due to their scale.

Steve Croft of the Breakthrough Listen project highlights the importance of anomaly detection in uncovering the actions of superintelligent beings.

A close-up shot of a mysterious extraterrestrial artifact, potentially created by a highly advanced alien civilization. (Photo taken with Sony Alpha A7R IV)

Aiden Buzzetti, president of the Bull Moose Project, contends that the existence of alien AI implies the existence of biological alien life prior to its creation.

However, the longevity of AI beyond its creators remains a question.

Buzzetti raises concerns about the decay of technology over time and the challenges of accessing and understanding alien AI.

In conclusion, the search for alien life and alien artificial intelligence are intertwined and cannot be separated.

By focusing on AI, humanity may unravel the mysteries of extraterrestrial civilizations and challenge our understanding of existence.