Natural Science

published : 2023-09-13

Sinkhole, 50 Feet Wide, Appears in Florida Area Where 75-Foot Sinkhole Previously Formed

New Sinkhole Found in Same Location, Expected to be Filled in Soon

Aerial view of the 50-foot-wide sinkhole in Scott Lake Road, taken with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone.

Emergency management officials in Florida were called to a large sinkhole that recently opened in the same area where a massive sinkhole appeared three months ago.

Residents expressed relief that the new sinkhole is smaller than the previous one, which measured 75 feet wide.

Located off Scott Lake Road and Aiden Lane in Polk County, this new sinkhole is estimated to be 50 feet wide and 12 feet deep on private property.

Fortunately, it does not pose a threat to nearby roads or residential areas.

The initial sinkhole in the area, which was 75 feet wide, had opened along Scott Lake Road, just south of Fitzgerald Road in southern Lakeland.

Officials at the time speculated that the sinkhole could be related to a well drilled at the site.

Joseph Kedzuf, owner of Acres at Scott Lake LLC, inspecting the area where the sinkhole formed, captured with a Nikon D850 camera.

After being filled and covered by vegetation growth, the previous sinkhole is no longer visible.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the area has experienced sinkhole incidents.

In fact, there have been reports of another sinkhole that swallowed a man multiple times, reopening on different occasions.

Images from the recent flyover show the magnitude of the new sinkhole, with aerial views showcasing its 50-foot width.

While crews work to monitor and assess the situation, contractors who own the land plan to fill the sinkhole with dirt on Saturday.

The affected property is owned by Acres at Scott Lake LLC, a company owned by Lakeland residents Debra and Joseph Kedzuf.

Construction workers filling the sinkhole with dirt to ensure the safety of the property, photographed with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

According to state records obtained by The Ledger, the couple intends to develop the roughly 10-acre property for a six-home subdivision.

However, some residents are questioning whether construction should take place in an area prone to sinkholes.

This latest sinkhole discovery serves as a reminder of the potential dangers hidden beneath the ground and highlights the importance of careful land development.

In a world where the unexpected can occur, it is crucial to consider the geological conditions before embarking on construction projects.

As developments continue to unfold, it remains essential for the community to stay vigilant and ensure the safety of all residents.