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published : 2023-09-08

Three Top Takeaways from Senate Energy Committee Hearing on DOE and AI

One expert warned that current US policy is not enough to counter China (or the task to create one if not provided)

Senator Joe Manchin speaking at the Senate Energy Committee hearing on DOE and AI taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Lawmakers on the Senate Energy Committee were warned about the threats and opportunities that come with integrating artificial intelligence into the US energy sector and everyday life.

During the committee hearing, experts discussed both AI advancements and the looming threat of China stealing and replicating emerging US capabilities.

Committee Chair Joe Manchin highlighted China's strategic AI plan and its absence in the US.

Experts emphasized the need for education to understand and mitigate AI's negative impacts.

They also urged the adoption of policies to counter China's structural differences.

Experts discussing the integration of artificial intelligence into the US energy sector taken with a Nikon D850

Government officials stressed the importance of addressing AI challenges and making necessary investments.

Defense department officials recommended widespread guidance for AI acquisition.

Experts cautioned that while regulation is important, it can only go so far in controlling AI outcomes.

They argued for a more strategic approach to authenticate AI-generated content instead of relying on watermark labels.

The evolving AI threat includes not only China but also countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Defense Department officials presenting the need for widespread AI acquisition guidance taken with a Sony Alpha A7R III

Experts highlighted the need for research security and ongoing updates to address sensitive technologies.

Senator Chuck Schumer is pushing for an AI regulatory framework, while others express concerns about its timing.

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