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published : 2023-11-30

Angler Sets First-Ever Fishing Record for Species Caught in North Carolina: 'Hooked a Beast'

No previous record for fish species existed in North Carolina until Massachusetts man reeled one in

A photo of Matthew Frattasio proudly holding the massive almaco jack he caught near Morehead City, North Carolina. Taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

A Massachusetts angler has made waves in the fishing world by setting a new record in the state of North Carolina.

Matthew Frattasio, known for his fishing expertise, achieved this remarkable feat during his expedition aboard Riptide Charters under the guidance of Captain Terry Nugent.

In an adrenaline-filled moment near Morehead City, Frattasio successfully reeled in a massive almaco jack weighing 26 pounds and 15.6 ounces.

This extraordinary catch, which took place at depths of 80 feet, has captured the attention of anglers far and wide.

Surprisingly, this particular fish species had no existing record in North Carolina, making Frattasio's achievement all the more impressive.

A picturesque shot of Riptide Charters sailing through the beautiful waters of North Carolina, with Captain Terry Nugent at the helm. Taken with a Nikon D850.

The method behind Frattasio's success involved using a combination of live menhaden and 50-pound braid on a Daiwa Saltist MQ 14000 reel paired with a Hogy Tuna jigging rod.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) confirmed the measurements of Frattasio's catch, which spanned 36.4 inches from nose to tail fork and had a circumference of 26 inches.

To put this into perspective, the state records for almaco jack in Georgia and Florida stand at 7 pounds 0.7 ounces and 35 pounds 9 ounces, respectively.

Frattasio himself expressed his excitement, stating, 'In my 40-plus years of fishing, the two days on Riptide Charters were the most insane experience ever – non-stop action from start to finish.'

Frattasio also acknowledged Captain Terry Nugent's extensive knowledge and decision-making skills, which ultimately led to this monumental catch.

An action-packed moment captured as Matthew Frattasio battles the powerful almaco jack on his fishing rod. Taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

The story doesn't end there. Captain Nugent, sharing the triumph on his Facebook page, described the experience as one of the best fishing days he has ever witnessed.

Frattasio's catch, which took an impressive 2.5 hours to reel in, reminded Nugent of the immense power and unpredictable nature of the ocean.

The thrilling journey didn't just captivate the individuals involved. It has also sparked enthusiasm among other anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, who now dream of replicating this extraordinary catch.

The impact of Frattasio's record-setting achievement will undoubtedly resonate throughout the fishing community and beyond, inspiring others to push the boundaries of what is possible in their own pursuits.

Get ready to embark on your own fishing adventure, and who knows, maybe you'll be the next to hook a beast that will etch your name in the annals of fishing history.