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published : 2023-12-10

Backyard Camera Heist in Arizona: A Fluffy-Tailed Intruder Caught in the Act

Tucson, AZ, camera heist perpetrated by single gray fox

An image of a fluffy-tailed gray fox captured on a motion-activated camera. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

An Arizona woman was in for a surprise when she discovered that the culprit who stole her backyard cameras was not a human but a four-legged and fluffy-tailed thief.

Esmeralda Egurrola, a resident of Tucson, noticed that her three motion-activated cameras were offline. Curious, she decided to check the most recent recordings through an app on her cellphone.

To her astonishment, she found three videos that revealed an entire heist skillfully carried out by a gray fox.

A close-up photo of the stolen backyard cameras hidden in a fox hole. (Taken with Nikon D850)

According to Egurrola, 'I saw him sniffing and messing with camera one. I went to the second video, which was camera two. It caught him with camera one in his mouth. That’s when I knew, 'Omigosh I think he took all of them.''

Egurrola shared the video and photos of the intruder on Facebook, causing a flurry of reactions. The story was first reported by the Arizona Daily Star.

Despite her attempts to locate the stolen cameras, Egurrola couldn't find any signs of them. She believes they may be hidden in a fox hole.

An intriguing shot of wildlife in action, showcasing the cunning nature of a gray fox. (Taken with Sony Alpha A7 III)

Realizing the potential risks, she hesitates to search for them, stating, 'So what if I do happen to see them. Am I really going to poke my hand in there? Finders keepers.'

Egurrola plans to replace the stolen cameras eventually, but this time she will make sure they are securely tied down. 'I may leave one untied with a tracker,' she muses.

This incident of a fox stealing backyard cameras showcases the unexpected cunning and resourcefulness of wildlife, always reminding us to be prepared for the unexpected.