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published : 2023-09-13

Lost Alaska Hiker Rescued After Viewers Spot Him on Bear Cam Asking for Help

The Hiker Was Rescued Ahead of the Annual 'Fat Bear Week'

A stunning landscape of Alaska's Katmai National Park, captured with a Canon EOS R.

A stranded Alaska hiker was rescued last week after a handful of viewers spotted him on a livestream camera ahead of the anticipated 'Fat Bear Week.'

Around 4 p.m. last Tuesday, a disheveled hiker was spotted on Dumpling Mountain within Katmai National Park and Preserve.

Approaching one of 12 cameras operated by Explore.org, the hiker seemed to mouth the words 'help me,' while fierce winds and rain battered the area, reducing visibility.

Thankfully, viewers who were tuned in to the livestream, alerted the chat moderator, who promptly contacted a Katmai Park Ranger.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the park immediately dispatched a search and rescue team to the hiker's location.

A brave hiker making their way through the rugged trails of Dumpling Mountain, taken with a Nikon D850.

Described as treacherous, the mountain held the hiker captive until 6:48 p.m., when the team of rangers finally reached him.

The dramatic moments were captured on camera and shared by Explore.org, as the team carefully escorted the hiker down the perilous slope to safety.

As of now, the identity of the hiker remains undisclosed, adding another layer of mystery to this extraordinary tale of survival.

Coincidentally, more viewers were logged in to the livestream, eagerly awaiting the start of 'Fat Bear Week.' This annual tradition engages viewers in voting for the park's most impressively fattened bear, all in anticipation of the upcoming hibernation season.

It's no secret that bears in Katmai National Park feast on salmon starting from late June through September, gorging themselves to build up fat reserves for the long winter ahead.

A close-up shot of a majestic bear catching salmon in the wild, photographed with a Sony A7 III.

During hibernation, these bears enter a state of dormancy, sustaining themselves solely on the stored fat while not eating or drinking until the spring.

One can only marvel at the resilience and resourcefulness of these incredible creatures, facing extreme conditions and survival challenges.

While the date for this year's 'Fat Bear Week' has yet to be announced, voting for the fattest bear typically takes place in early October, enticing nature enthusiasts from around the world to participate.

In a world filled with breathtaking encounters and heart-pounding stories, the hiker's rescue on Dumpling Mountain stands as a testament to human bravery, the power of technology, and the astonishing wonders of the natural world.