Military Tech

published : 2023-09-17

German Military Plows Millions into AI 'Environment' for Weapons Tests That Could Change Combat Forever

GhostPlay Platform Relies on 'Third-Wave' AI Algorithms That Create 'Human-Like' Decisions

A German soldier wearing advanced tactical gear inspects a piece of futuristic weaponry in the virtual battlefield of GhostPlay, captured with a Nikon D850.

Germany, known for its technological prowess, is making a groundbreaking investment in artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize combat. With a bold move to create a military 'metaverse', German officials hope to find the future of warfare.

The GhostPlay platform, funded by the German Defense Ministry as part of a 500 million euro COVID-19 spending package, showcases Germany's commitment to revitalizing its high-tech defense sector. Developed by a consortium of start-ups and defense academics, GhostPlay is a virtual battlefield that offers a risk-free environment to test different weapons and systems.

Within this 'simulation environment AI-based decision-making at machine speed', developers have incorporated 'third-wave' AI algorithms, which are touted as the key differentiator. These advanced algorithms aim to replicate human-like decision-making, enabling the creation of novel situations and determining unique actions.

An AI-powered swarm of loitering munitions hovers menacingly above a simulated battlefield, taken with a Canon EOS R5.

GhostPlay's ambition doesn't stop there. It aims to replicate real-world environments in meticulous detail. By leveraging satellite photos and local databases, from housing to vegetation, the platform seeks to recreate battle scenarios 'down to the last leaf'. This level of realism adds depth and unpredictability to the simulations, enhancing military planning and preparation.

One of the most promising exercises on the platform investigates optimizing swarm tactics, specifically deploying loitering munitions. The Office of Army Development has recognized GhostPlay's ability to recreate intricate environments crucial for refining these tactics.

The potential of the GhostPlay platform has attracted significant attention. 'We compete with the big ones in the industry,' says project manager Gary Schaal. 'Our Unique Selling Point: agility and the ability to quickly show results.'

German military officials gather around a computer screen, observing the realistic simulations generated by GhostPlay, photographed using a Sony Alpha 7R IV.

While the military metaverse might sound like science fiction, the German military aims to make it a reality. By harnessing cutting-edge AI algorithms and immersive simulations, they strive to shape the future of combat.

As nations continue to invest in AI for military purposes, it remains to be seen how GhostPlay will evolve and what impact it will have on the ever-changing landscape of warfare.