published : 2023-08-22

Mississippi Woman Locked Away for Life Over Brutal Murder Linked to Veteran Treasures

Injustice Unearthed: Greed Turns Fatal in Mississippi as Authorities Unravel Bone-Chilling Crime

A birds-eye view of Yazoo County, showing its peaceful facade that hides the untold horrors. Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

The tranquility of Yazoo County, Mississippi, was shattered in 2017 when a seemingly innocent local woman, Stephanie Ward, was discovered at the heart of a gruesome murder.

According to regional reports, 47-year-old Ward has now been held accountable for her horrific actions, a judgement delivered by a local court jury after a painstaking investigation stretching over four years.

As the incidents of that dreadful night unfold, it was found that Ward, alongside accomplice John Henry May, transported their unsuspecting victim, Roger Lee Scruggs Jr., to a remote location on Wildwood Road.

The duo then heinously murdered Scruggs, putting his life to a horrifying end.

The actions following their macabre deed were as chilling, if not more so, as Scruggs' lifeless body was stored in May's truck for an extended period - over a week.

A close-up shot of a gavel in a courtroom, symbolizing justice served. Taken with Nikon D810.

The culprits then returned to Wildwood Road to plant their victim's body, in a calculated attempt to create the illusion of an unfortunate ATV accident.

Adding further salt to the wounds of this brutal act, Ward placed a call to local authorities the following day, claiming 'her brother,' Scruggs, had been found by an unwitting passerby.

As the veil slipped from the shocking truth, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) determined that the motive behind this cold-blooded crime was monetary greed.

Ward seemingly wasted no time in executing her audacious plan to exploit Scruggs' demise for personal gain.

She audaciously contacted Veterans Affairs within days of reporting the 'discovery' of Scruggs’ body, claiming ties of marriage rather than siblinghood and seeking spousal benefits.

An image of a Ford SUV parked in a lonely, deserted, rural area. Taken with Sony A7R III.

Upon receipt of these ill-gotten funds, Ward invested in a luxurious Ford SUV, registered under the name of her guilty collaborator, May.

The court's gavel fell heavily on Saturday, sentencing Ward to a life behind bars without the promise of parole for the first-degree murder of Scruggs.

In addition, Ward faces an additional five years for hindering prosecution - a sentence affirming that Justice, though delayed, has not been denied.

These sentences will run consecutively, reflecting the severity of Ward's actions.