published : 2023-09-27

Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released from Jail Captured After Two Weeks on the Run

Kevin Mason, 28, arrested in 2021 homicide of Dontevious Catchings in Minnesota

A photo of Kevin Mason taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, walking out of the Indiana jail before his release.

A murder suspect, Kevin Mason, who was mistakenly released earlier this month from an Indiana jail, has been captured in Minnesota after evading authorities for two weeks.

The United States Marshals Service apprehended Mason in St. Paul around 2 p.m.

Mason's release was due to a clerical error, according to authorities.

Marion County Sheriff Kerry J. Forestal expressed gratitude to the USMS and their task force partnerships with local law enforcement agencies for helping in the manhunt.

Mason's release came after his arrest in Minnesota for the suspected killing of Dontevious Catchings earlier in 2021.

An image captured by a Nikon D850, showing the moment Kevin Mason is apprehended by the United States Marshals Service in St. Paul, Minnesota.

He had been arrested on three warrants from Minnesota, and two of the holds against him were mistakenly cleared by an inmate records clerk at the Adult Detention Center in Indianapolis.

Authorities in Minnesota removed the last hold without knowing the other two had already been lifted.

As a result of Mason's release, two employees from the Marion County Sheriff's Office have been terminated.

Authorities intentionally kept the information about his release from the public for six days to maintain a strategic advantage in capturing him.

During the manhunt, it was discovered that Mason received assistance from Desiree Oliver, believed to be his girlfriend.

A picture of Marion County Sheriff Kerry J. Forestal, taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III, expressing gratitude to the USMS and local law enforcement agencies for their assistance in capturing Kevin Mason.

Oliver was subsequently arrested for aiding a criminal.

No charges are pending against Mason in Indiana.

Authorities are pursuing leads to locate him.