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published : 2023-08-25

'WITNESSING A MIRACLE': A Journey of Transformation and Triumph for a Former School Principal Turned Homeschooling Mom

Mother abandons traditional school system for homeschool, leading to profound change in children's learning experiences.

A photograph of Mandy Davis in her warm-hued living room, sitting with a pile of books. She is engaged, with a warm, inviting smile, embodying the joy of teaching. Camera: Taken with Nikon D850 DSLR.

As a former elementary school principal, Mandy Davis never imagined she would one day quit her prestigious position to homeschool her three children. But circumstances led her down that path and, in the process, awarded her with the spectacle of something she now refers to as 'a miracle'.

Davis, a mother of three and formerly an accomplished private school principal, made a startling switch from conventional education to homeschooling, a move that transformed not just her children's academic progress, but also their perspectives on learning.

Seeing her children thrive, truly engaged and happy while learning, affirmed her choice. This happiness, she noted, was missing in her kids' former educational environment. She now believes that this gaity, often overlooked, plays a crucial role in shaping the future success of students.

Her decision to homeschool came amid increasing challenges faced by the traditional school system. The ongoing issues, such as teacher shortages, declining student scores, and poor morale and conduct, continued to exacerbate, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A photograph of an inviting, well-lit learning space at Davis' home, showcasing books on diverse subjects, interactive toys, and resources meant to foster creativity and learning amongst her children. Captured with the essence of homeschooling. Camera: Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR.

Davis eventually gave in to her growing restlessness about her inability to correct these issues in her professional capacity. She stepped away, leaving behind her 14-year tenure in education, to provide her kids a more fulfilling learning experience.

She considers the traditional school environment subpar when it comes to fostering a life-long love for learning among students. The outdated curricula, receding student morale, and minimal scope for teachers to effect real change further drove her away from the conventional system.

Post pandemic, teacher availability became a significant concern as many departed public school settings. Schools loosened requirements to attract applicants, a move Davis feared might lead to the hire of less-qualified individuals. Add in her concern over her children being exposed to potential politicizing biases in classrooms, it was clear to Davis that her kids' best learning path lay outside these walls.

Having begun her homeschooling journey with her two daughters, Davis awaits eagerly for her youngest — currently just 21-months-old — to join them when older. Already she has seen her girls reap the benefits of the tailored teaching homeschooling has to offer.

A portrait of Davis' daughters immersed in their learning activities. The elder holding a book on wildlife with absolute fascination while the younger one plays with geometric shapes, emphasizing tailored learning resources. Camera: Taken with Sony Alpha 7R III Mirrorless.

Their learning pace now matches their unique needs, something mass education rarely caters to. The combined influence of tailoring their education and indulging their interests has been instrumental in their academic achievement. Witnessing these strides in her children's learning has fortified Davis's conviction in her choice and the homeschooling path.

The transformation this decision has imparted on their lives extends far beyond academics. Beyond watching her daughters chase their curiosities, Davis is just as thrilled to witness their passion for learning ignited. As she continues on this course, her journey continues to evolve into a testament for change, and perhaps, a beacon for others navigating similar dilemmas.