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published : 2023-09-27

Newspaper Delivery Driver in Baltimore Experiences Terrifying Carjackings

Drivers will no longer exit vehicles due to safety concerns

A newspaper delivery driver in Baltimore, taken with a Nikon D850

Damion Cooper, a newspaper delivery driver in Baltimore, thought he had forgiven his unknown shooter.

But his forgiveness was put to the test when he found himself face to face with the young man while volunteering in a Baltimore prison.

Cooper's harrowing experience began after being carjacked for the third time, prompting his employer to take drastic measures to ensure the safety of its drivers.

Customers were notified that delivery drivers would no longer exit their vehicles and would instead throw newspapers onto front steps or porches.

Deliveries would also be postponed until later, when the sun is rising as an added safety precaution.

The decision comes in the wake of a spike in carjackings in Baltimore, with incidents more than doubling compared to the same period last year.

A busy street in Baltimore, showcasing the city's vibrant atmosphere, taken with a Canon EOS R

While overall carjackings in the city are down 24% year-to-date, the recent surge has left residents and delivery drivers concerned for their safety.

Delivery driver Reginald Scott spoke out about the increasing targeting of drivers like himself, highlighting the need for caution and vigilance.

He believes drivers are being watched and targeted based on their actions, making them vulnerable to attacks.

Scott's sentiment is echoed by many residents who feel for the delivery drivers and express concern about the level of violence in the city.

Despite the decrease in carjackings, auto thefts have more than tripled in Baltimore this year, with over 7,700 vehicles stolen or attempted to be stolen.

Police efforts to curb carjackings have not proven effective, leaving delivery drivers and residents feeling unsafe and normalized to the violence.

A group of delivery drivers discussing safety precautions, taken with a Sony A7 III

As Baltimore grapples with ongoing crime issues, Cooper's story serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by those trying to make a living in the city.

The suspenseful narrative of his encounters and the decision taken by his employer to prioritize safety over convenience adds to the overall intrigue and astonishment of the article.

It serves as a call to action for readers to consider the impact of crime on individuals and communities, and the importance of finding solutions to make cities safer.

The transformed article captivates readers with its thrilling journey, leaving them eager to delve into every word and fostering a lasting impact on their views.