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published : 2023-10-14

American Recounts Horrifying Capture of Relatives by Hamas: A Tale of Terror and Hope

Family member of hostages shares their experience as potential invasion of Gaza looms

An intense photo of LeElle Slifer, an American who recounts the horrifying capture of her relatives by Hamas. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

LeElle Slifer, an American whose family members are believed to have been killed or taken hostage by Hamas, describes the horrifying ordeal they've endured.

In a video posted by Hamas, Slifer learned about her family's abduction, and she still doesn't know if some of them are alive.

This chilling incident has no shades of gray; it is pure evil, Slifer states.

After a wide-scale attack on Israel by Hamas, the Jewish state declared war on the terror group.

According to officials, Hamas has killed over 1,300 Israeli civilians, while Israel's retaliatory strikes have claimed over 1,500 Palestinian lives.

Among these casualties, Hamas is believed to have taken up to 150 hostages.

Slifer personally saw her mother's cousin, Kinneret, in a video of hostages held by Hamas.

Unfortunately, two days later, Slifer came across another video that seemed to show Kinneret's lifeless body.

Although Kinneret's body remains missing, the evidence is overwhelming.

A powerful image showing the aftermath of a Hamas attack, highlighting the devastating impact on innocent lives. (Taken with Nikon D850)

The power of pictures and videos cannot be denied, Slifer emphasizes, as she appeals for awareness of the true face of evil.

The nightmare began for Kinneret's family, including her son Alon, daughter-in-law Yarden, granddaughter Gefen, and daughter Carmel when they woke up to sirens on the morning of the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah.

Their initial text messages from their kibbutz bordering Gaza ceased after a few hours, leaving their loved ones worried and in the dark.

Slifer relays the terrifying account of how the terrorists infiltrated their home and kidnapped everyone, stashing Alon and Yarden in a car with four captors.

During a momentary pause as the terrorists inspected a tank, Alon and Yarden made a daring escape attempt.

With their hands tied, they knew that going to Gaza meant certain death.

Showing incredible bravery, they handed off their 3-year-old daughter Gefen to each other while being pursued and shot at by the terrorists.

Yarden decided to separate from her husband and daughter in search of an alternate hiding spot.

As the hours ticked by, Alon and Gefen found refuge in a field, miraculously evading capture for an entire day.

A heartwrenching photo of a family's reunion in the midst of the Gaza crisis, symbolizing hope amidst tragedy. (Taken with Sony Alpha a7 III)

Finally, they made it back to the kibbutz, providing a firsthand account of the horrors they experienced.

Despite Alon's efforts to locate Yarden's body, he has yet to find her, and Carmel is also missing.

Amidst the uncertainty, Slifer holds on to hope, vowing to never stop searching for signs of life.

As the potential of a ground invasion of Gaza looms, Slifer expresses her trust in Israel.

She believes that Israel values innocent lives, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, and strives to minimize harm to both civilians and its own people.

Concerned about Hamas using civilians as shields and manipulating public opinion, Slifer hopes that the truth will prevail.

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