published : 2023-09-26

Republicans Open Probe into Biden's Energy Secretary After Controversial EV Road Trip

Granholm's EV road trip 'illustrates yet again how out of touch the Biden Administration is,' Republicans write

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm inspecting an electric vehicle during her controversial road trip, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Republicans on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee are launching an investigation into Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm over her recent electric vehicle (EV) road trip, which turned into a contentious affair.

During her journey, police were called on Granholm and her team, raising questions about the Biden Administration's understanding of the consequences of its green energy agenda.

Oversight Chairman James Comer and Subcommittee Chairman Pat Fallon wrote a scathing letter to Granholm, expressing their concerns and demanding a deep dive into the purposes, costs, and repercussions of her highly publicized summer 2023 EV road trip.

Ahead of the impeachment inquiry hearing into President Biden, Rep. James Comer shared his expectations and highlighted the urgency of the investigation on 'Sunday Night In America.'

Rep. James Comer passionately addressing the House Oversight and Accountability Committee during the impeachment inquiry hearing, captured with a Nikon D850.

The controversy surrounding Granholm's road trip emerged earlier this month when it was revealed that Energy Department staffers used a non-EV car to block an EV charger for the secretary outside a Walmart in Grovetown, Georgia.

This obstructed a family from using the charger, leading them to call the police. While an officer did respond to the incident, no formal police report was filed.

The incident sparked outrage and fueled the GOP's concerns about the Biden Administration's aggressive push for green energy and their perceived disregard for the practical challenges faced by zero-emissions vehicles.

In response to the incident, Granholm admitted that her team exercised poor judgment, but the blame game continued as Republicans emphasized the fossil fuel industry's indispensable role in supporting the EV trip that aimed to denounce their existence.

A frustrated family waiting by an EV charger blocked by a non-electric car, highlighting the logistical challenges faced by zero-emissions vehicles, photographed with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

As the Biden Administration sets ambitious goals for electric cars, aiming for 50% of car purchases to be EVs by 2030, the practical challenges and logistical issues faced by these vehicles remain significant hurdles.

Republicans remain steadfast in their commitment to preserve consumer choice and challenge the Biden Administration's costly agenda of forcing Americans to adopt EVs.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee's investigation into Granholm's EV road trip aims to shed light on the broader implications of the administration's green energy policies and their real-world impact on everyday Americans.