published : 2023-09-12

Burbank Mayor Advocates for Police and Prison Abolition, Embraces Marxism as the 'American Dream'

Mayor Konstantine Anthony speaks about his ideology and vision for the future

An image of Konstantine Anthony, the mayor of Burbank, California, passionately advocating for police and prison abolition. Taken with a Nikon D850.

Konstantine Anthony, the mayor of Burbank, California, recently spoke with Fox News Digital about his controversial stance on abolishing the police and prisons.

While Anthony gained media attention for being spanked by a drag queen at a Democratic fundraiser, this interview shed light on his beliefs in an interview with FOX News Digital.

Running for Los Angeles County Supervisor, Anthony advocates for policing reform, including defunding the police and implementing restrictions on officers' use of force.

However, he takes it a step further, stating that he wants to work towards a future without police and prisons entirely.

When asked about his support for abolishing the police, Anthony confirmed his status as a 'full abolitionist', meaning he supports a 'policeless state'.

In his view, he believes that police have no impact on crime and that the root causes, such as poverty, mental health, and drug addiction, must be addressed instead.

A photo capturing a drag queen performer at a Democratic fundraiser, symbolizing the vibrant and diverse community that Mayor Anthony supports. Taken with a Canon EOS R.

Anthony describes the current system of conviction, punishment, and incarceration as flawed, stating that it is time to evolve and reintegrate people back into society.

Surprisingly, Anthony also argues that most people in the United States are Marxists without realizing it.

He points to the American Dream as a concept that aligns with Marxist ideals, as it promotes the notion of individuals being their own boss.

According to Anthony, Democrats have fought for this vision for over a century, striving to give individuals collective control over their own destiny.

Anthony believes that a democratic Marxist revolution could address societal problems, and he envisions a future without police or prisons.

His futurist perspective drives him to call for an urgent revolution against capitalism, advocating for socialism as a means to empower the working class.

A powerful image depicting individuals from different walks of life coming together in solidarity for a future without police and prisons. Taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

He maintains that this transition is necessary to redistribute wealth, end capitalism's grip, and dismantle the police state.

Addressing concerns about previous revolutions leading to totalitarianism, Anthony argues that these outcomes occurred due to a lack of adherence to a constitution.

While some may find Anthony's views radical, his ideas on policing reform and reimagining the criminal justice system are gaining attention and sparking debate.

Regardless of one's opinion, his passionate advocacy for change invites reflection on the current state of affairs in the United States.