published : 2023-09-25

British Universities Hit by Strikes as New Term Begins

Union claims 40-school strike aimed at 'very worst employers'

Lecturers and staff from 40 British universities on strike, demanding fair pay and better work conditions (Photo prompt: Image of a group of university staff holding placards)

Lecturers and staff from 40 British universities have launched a fresh round of strikes, causing disruption as students begin their first week at college.

The University and College Union, representing academic staff, has announced strike action until Friday at numerous institutions.

Originally planned at 140 universities, the strike is now focused on 'the very worst employers' following agreements with many colleges.

College students facing disruptions during their first week due to the strikes (Photo prompt: Image of students gathered outside a university building)

Affected institutions include the University of Liverpool, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, and the Royal College of Art.

Union members are demanding higher wages to keep up with inflation, job security, and an end to short-term contracts.

This summer, students already faced academic disruptions due to a marking boycott by lecturers at multiple universities.

Representatives of the University and College Union leading the strike action (Photo prompt: Image of union representatives addressing a crowd)

The boycott resulted in delays in receiving final marks, affecting graduation prospects for many senior students.

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