published : 2023-09-26

'Queer Eye' Star Jonathan Van Ness Breaks Down in Tears During Podcast Interview

Van Ness defends trans kids and criticizes anti-trans talking points on 'Armchair Expert' podcast

Jonathan Van Ness in a thoughtful pose, contemplating the challenges faced by transgender children. (Photo taken with Nikon D850)

Jonathan Van Ness, star of the hit show 'Queer Eye', became emotional during a podcast interview with actor Dax Shepard.

Van Ness, who identifies as non-binary, broke down in tears while expressing his concerns about the treatment of transgender children in America.

During the interview, Van Ness accused Shepard of parroting anti-trans talking points, particularly regarding the participation of trans women in women's sports.

Dax Shepard engaging in a passionate discussion about trans women in sports. (Photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

The debate on whether kids should be allowed to undergo gender-altering medical operations and whether trans women can compete in women's sports triggered Van Ness's emotional response.

Van Ness claimed that the questioning of these issues is part of a wider 'public, targeted onslaught' against trans people.

Expressing his distress, Van Ness lamented the exclusion and lack of inclusion faced by trans kids.

A group of transgender youth proudly holding signs advocating for their rights. (Photo taken with Sony Alpha A7III)

The star highlighted the alarming number of bills in the United States that target trans kids, including those related to gender-affirming care, bathrooms, and sports.