published : 2023-08-22

'Marxist Lesbian' Library President Faces Criticisms Over Controversial Views

American Library Association's top figure stirs ire with her radical stance and policies

A closeup of Emily Drabinski, her stern gaze reveals a hint of determination. Captured against a backdrop of bookshelves filled with children's books, highlighting her association with children's libraries. Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Stacy Langton, a rather concerned mother next-door with six children, found herself in heated contention against the Fairfax County Public Schools. Her gripe revolves around the Virginia school disregarding Governor Glenn Youngkin's advice on gender and pronouns.

Emily Drabinski, a name increasingly synonymous with controversy, presides over the American Library Association (ALA). In the recent past, she has made her intensions clear about restructuring children's libraries around 'notions of queerness.' She aims to disrupt the intervention of those she dubs 'angry, White mob parents' against her changes.

April 2022 marked her ascent to the ALA presidency. Her self-ascribed 'Marxist lesbian' identity and history of pronounced anti-conservative rhetoric has provoked flares of discontent among parent advocates. These critics also take issue with her pursuit to inculcate LGBTQ literature in libraries besides asserting her views on parental rights.

'Emily Drabinski's self-professed beliefs are testament to her being a dangerous radical bent on sensibilizing children and performing her indoctrination through the heart of your local library' - these were the explicit words of Tom Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation.

Jones continued to express shock and disapproval at Drabinski's ambitious visions for libraries. 'Politics and pornography have neither place nor role in children's libraries, an evident axiom she chooses to challenge,' he lamented.

A thoughtfully composed shot of a mother with children in a well-lit library, an open book in her hands. They seem engrossed in a story, emphasizing the role of parents in children's education. Taken with Nikon D850.

As a self-avowed Marxist, Drabinski has sent shockwaves through her community, with resulting backlash leading to states withdrawing funding to the ALA.

Donning her ideological hat once again, Drabinski sought to rationalize why sexually explicit content must be shared with children. She reflected back to her own adolescence, where she had read a book about 'fantastic queer sex in a field' at just 14. She commended such literature to be school library stalwarts, facilitating refuges for children to discover their truths.

A growing alliance of parents is pushing back against the liberal access to sexually explicit books in school libraries. Drabinski, however, has dismissed their concerns, labelling these parents as an 'angry, White mob'.

Drabinski's audacious remarks on the 'Thought Project Podcast', about the individuals who strive to remove certain books from library shelves, are garnering attention. She denounced them as 'angry, White mob parents' who wish to erase the existence of Black, Jewish, and gay communities. She expressed fear about the organized and violent nature of these protests.

Drabinski spoke unflinchingly about transforming libraries. She eagerly contended that libraries function as safe spaces with potentials to diassociate from traditionally conservative perspectives. She insisted on instituting ideas that the right-leaning folk wouldn't generally align with.

A wide angle shot of a heated discussion among residents at a public meeting, their faces portraying varying levels of concern. References towards the backlash and debates happening at the local level. Taken with Sony Alpha A7 III.

Drag queen story hours, Drabinski's brainchild, held in libraries, have stirred a hornet's nest. Parallelly, Christian leaders are being barred from these very spaces to engage with the children. Actor Kirk Cameron, for instance, was denied from more than fifty of these establishments, despite initially being invited to read at some.

Drabinski's leadership tenure at ALA has been fraught with controversies. Initial resistance to her selection was spearheaded by Montana, the first state to dissociate from the association. The stated reason for the withdrawal was the organization 'espousing far-left ideologies' and the election of a 'Marxist' president.

Drabinski's support for the contentious Critical Race Theory was cited as a point of consideration in Montana's decision. The superintendent of public instruction, Elsie Arntzen, criticized the ALA for its deviation from American values and families, and for alienating parental rights. She concluded, pointedly, 'They've turned their backs on America itself.'

Subsequent to Montana, The Texas State Library & Archives Commission (TSLAC) severed their ties with the ALA. The state representative, a Republican named Brian Harrison, pigeonholed the association for imparting 'dangerous Marxist ideology.'