published : 2023-11-30

Texas Gov Abbott Continues to Send Migrants to Sanctuary Cities Until Border Action is Taken

Sanctuary cities overwhelmed as resources become scarce

Texas Governor Greg Abbott speaking at a press conference about the influx of migrants from Mexico. Photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that the state will continue to bus migrants to sanctuary cities until the Biden administration takes measures to secure the southern border.

Despite facing criticism from Democrats, Governor Abbott insists that the bussing program has provided much-needed relief to border towns in Texas, which often struggle to cope with the influx of migrants from Mexico.

Abbott posted on social media, 'Texas will bus migrants to sanctuary cities until Biden secures the border.' He also emphasized that the mission aims to provide vital relief to border towns.

A crowded border town in Texas, overwhelmed by the number of migrants entering the country. Photo taken with Nikon D850.

According to the governor, over 12,500 migrants have been bussed to Washington, D.C., 25,000 to New York City, 20,000 to Chicago, 3,200 to Philadelphia, 7,400 to Denver, and just over 1,000 to Los Angeles.

Democratic-led city officials in these sanctuary cities have strongly criticized Abbott for sending buses filled with migrants without sufficient notice.

Governor Abbott argues that sanctuary cities have the luxury of claiming to support illegal immigrants without having to deal with the daily influx that border towns face.

Protesters in New York City expressing their frustration over the bussing of migrants to sanctuary cities. Photo taken with Sony A7 III.

New York City has been particularly impacted, with residents expressing anger towards city officials on the matter.

One heartbreaking case involves a 94-year-old Army war veteran who was evicted from his nursing home to accommodate the migrants. He voiced his frustration, saying, 'I felt horrible. It's no joke getting thrown out of a house.'

Texas has taken its own border security measures, including a new state law that increases penalties for human smugglers and criminals operating stash houses. They have also implemented additional barriers on the border and enhanced border enforcement.