published : 2023-09-09

Border Union President Criticizes Biden's Stay-in-Texas Plan as Contradictory

Federal Judge orders removal of Texas buoy barrier in the Rio Grande

A photo of Border Union President Brandon Judd speaking at a press conference, taken with a Nikon D850.

The head of the National Border Patrol Council has expressed criticism towards President Biden's border policies on Friday. Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol's union, voiced his concerns regarding the administration's plan to force migrants to remain in Texas. Judd remarked, 'We just don't know what's up from down anymore'. He pointed out the contradiction in the administration's stance, where they claim that Texas' buoys are against the law, yet they propose to force people to stay in the state.

Earlier, Texas Governor Abbott had installed buoys as a barrier in the middle of the Rio Grande. However, the Biden administration alleged that the buoys must be removed. Governor Abbott was rebuffed by Federal Judge David Alan Ezra, who stated that permission from the federal government was required for such activities in navigable American waters.

Judd highlighted the contradiction between Biden's catch-and-release policies and the reported plan to prevent migrants from leaving border states. He stated that once migrants are released, they have the right to travel throughout the United States, in accordance with the law. Biden's plan to force migrants to stay in the southwest while monitoring their location through ankle monitors drew criticism from critics. The move was seen as a response to complaints from Democratic officials in northeastern states regarding the transportation of migrants thousands of miles away from the initial border regions.

An image of President Biden addressing the nation on border policies, captured with a Canon EOS R5.

Judd emphasized the success of Governor Abbott's buoy program in preventing illegal crossings and drownings in the Rio Grande. He expressed concern over the potential removal of the buoys, stating that it would endanger the lives of both migrants and first responders, including Border Patrol agents.

This ongoing issue continues to raise questions and spark controversy. The administration's inconsistent approach and the potential consequences of its actions have garnered attention. The debate surrounding border policies and the treatment of migrants remains a key focus.

The intricacies of this matter and its implications on various stakeholders require careful consideration and constructive dialogue. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold and whether a resolution will be reached.

A picture of Texas Governor Abbott inspecting the buoys in the Rio Grande, photographed with a Sony A7 III.

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