published : 2023-08-22

Mexican Bull-Running Event Results in Two Severely Injured; Twenty Others Injured Remain

One Victim, 31, Sustains Abdominal Injuries, While Second Fatality, 28, Nurses Horn Wound in Leg

A crowd gathering in anticipation, as people climb barriers and walls for a better view of the impending bull-running event. A sense of excitement and fear permeating the atmosphere. (Taken with Nikon Z7 II)

In central Mexico, a traditional bull-running spectacle threw the city of Huamantla into chaos, leaving two men in critical condition and approximately 20 others nursing injuries.

News trickled in late on Sunday that the local government of Tlaxcala state confirmed the alarming casualties originating from this dangerous exhibition.

A 31-year-old man, who was gored in the abdomen, and another 28-year-old, who sustained a horn wound to his leg, continue to fight for their lives in the hospital.

A terrifying spectacle captured mid-action: a bull charging down the streets of Huamantla, spectators fleeing in all directions to avoid the furious beast. (Taken with Canon EOS-1D X Mark III)

In total, about 20 people were affected by the event which was held on Saturday – a significant segment of the crowd who chose to participate rather than merely spectate from behind the barriers or atop walls.

Most of those injured were treated at the scene, while others opted to seek medical support independently.

Initially, six victims were hospitalized, yet four were subsequently released after making a full recovery.

Medical teams rushing to the scene, providing immediate care to those injured. Amidst the chaos, a moment of humanity, as strangers help each other recover and seek medical aid. (Taken with Sony Alpha a7R IV)

A particular incident of brutality was captured on video, showing a young man tossed into the air before being left unconscious on the ground, trampled by an unrelenting bull.

Despite the danger, thousands attend the annual event, with some daring attendees choosing to leave the safety of the sidewalks, drawing the bulls' attention and initiating a dash for life.

This event continues to straddle the fine line between thrilling entertainment and public safety, leaving in its wake a trail of injured victims and unspoken questions about its humane execution.