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published : 2023-09-28

Renowned California Officials Criticize Gov. Newsom's New Gun Control Laws

Fresno County Sheriff and District Attorney claim the restrictions are ineffective

Renowned California District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp speaking at a press conference, advocating for smarter gun laws in Fresno County taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Fresno County, California officials are voicing their discontent with Governor Gavin Newsom after he recently signed multiple gun control bills into law.

Sheriff John Zanoni and District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp of Fresno County have spoken out against Newsom specifically for signing Senate Bill 2, a law that imposes stricter regulations on obtaining concealed carry permits.

The county officials argue that these new restrictions do not address the individuals who are actually committing the majority of gun crimes — those who obtain firearms illegally.

According to a local news site, Smittcamp expressed her skepticism about the law's efficacy, stating, 'This law is not going to make people safer. It just isn't.'

She further emphasized that less than two percent of gun crimes in the United States are committed by lawful gun owners, suggesting that the focus of gun laws should be aimed at targeting criminals.

Fresno County Sheriff John Zanoni addressing the media about the need for stronger sentencing guidelines for individuals convicted of gun crimes taken with a Nikon D850

Echoing Smittcamp's sentiments, Sheriff Zanoni highlighted that those who carry out most gun crimes do not adhere to restrictions imposed by the government.

He emphasized the need for stronger gun laws and sentencing guidelines to address the individuals who illegally possess firearms, including convicted felons and gang members, rather than concealed carry permit holders.

Zanoni also drew attention to the issue of short sentences for those arrested for gun crimes, noting that some are released on the same day.

In their criticism of Newsom and the Attorney General Rob Bonta, who supported the bill, the officials accused them of misleading the public about the true nature of gun crime.

Smittcamp, referring to her own experience as a District Attorney, mentioned that she has only encountered one concealed carry permit holder charged with homicide, and that individual was never convicted of the crime.

Governor Gavin Newsom signing the new gun control bills into law, surrounded by California officials taken with a Sony Alpha A7 III

Furthermore, Newsom signed another law on Tuesday that doubles the taxes on guns and ammunition for the state, adding an additional 11 percent tax to the federal excise tax of 11 percent.

This means that California residents may indirectly pay up to 22 percent in taxes on firearms and ammunition purchases.

While Smittcamp's office did not provide an immediate response to FOX News Digital's request for comment, their concerns about the effectiveness of these new gun control laws resonate with their determination to address gun crime more effectively.