published : 2023-10-15

FBI Director Chris Wray Warns of Spike in Reported Domestic Threats Linked to Israel's War Against Hamas

FBI Director Chris Wray Flags 'Increase in Reported Threats,' Warns to Look Out for 'Lone Actors' Amid 'Heightened Environment'

A photo of FBI Director Chris Wray during his speech at the International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference in California. (Taken with a Nikon D850)

During a speech at the International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference in California, FBI Director Chris Wray issued a warning about a surge in domestic threats related to Israel's war against Hamas militants.

Expressing condolences to the people of Israel, Wray condemned the brutality and disregard for innocent lives exhibited in the conflict.

He emphasized that antisemitic and other forms of violent extremism have plagued history for far too long, whether from foreign terrorist organizations, those inspired by them, or domestic violent extremists driven by racial animus.

Wray reaffirmed the FBI's commitment to combating these threats both within the United States and abroad.

In the current heightened environment, he acknowledged an increase in reported threats and urged law enforcement to be vigilant, particularly in identifying lone actors who may draw inspiration from recent events to commit violence.

He called upon authorities to share any intelligence or observations they have to aid in preventing potential acts of violence.

A photo of a peaceful protest against antisemitic extremism, showing people of different faiths standing in unity. (Taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

Wray expressed the FBI's dedication to collaborating with law enforcement agencies to ensure community safety.

The warning comes as major U.S. cities, including New York, have heightened security and increased police presence due to concerns over demonstrations linked to the conflict.

A former Hamas leader called for Muslims worldwide to support Palestinians and declared October 13 as a 'Day of Jihad.'

The FBI, however, stated that it doesn't possess specific and credible intelligence indicating a threat to the United States.

The bureau is closely monitoring unfolding events and will share pertinent information with relevant partners to ensure preparedness and public safety.

The FBI's Legal Attaché office in Israel is working with partners in the region to locate and identify any affected Americans, investigating reports of casualties, injuries, and individuals yet to be accounted for.

A photo of law enforcement officers patrolling the streets of New York, ensuring public safety during heightened security measures. (Taken with a Sony Alpha A7 III)

Family engagement is being facilitated by the FBI's Victim Services Division in coordination with the Department of State.

This development highlights the ongoing collaboration between the U.S. and international counterparts to address the impact of the conflict and safeguard American citizens.

In conclusion, FBI Director Chris Wray's warning underscores the need for heightened vigilance in the face of rising domestic threats connected to Israel's war against Hamas.

Law enforcement agencies play a critical role as the first line of defense, and Wray urges them to remain alert in identifying signs of potential violence, especially from lone actors.

By working together, law enforcement can protect communities and ensure the safety of individuals amidst this challenging environment.