published : 2023-09-06

Cuban Government Uncovers Russian 'Human Trafficking Network' Used to Help War in Ukraine: Officials

Cuban Officials Say the Operation Has Been 'Neutralized'

Cuban government officials discussing the uncovering of the Russian human trafficking network. [Photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV]

The Cuban government has made a startling discovery, uncovering a human trafficking network operated in Russia with the purpose of recruiting individuals for the war against Ukraine.

Cuba's Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed in a statement on Monday that its ministry of the interior had successfully dismantled the operation.

According to the statement, the network primarily targeted Cuban citizens living in Russia but also attempted to recruit individuals residing in Cuba for the war effort against Ukraine.

General Jack Keane, interviewed by Paul Gigot, providing insights on the dismantled operation. [Photo taken with Nikon D850]

Cuban officials have reported that the operation has been neutralized, and criminal proceedings have been initiated against those involved.

In response to these allegations, Cuba firmly rejects the distorted information being spread by its enemies, who aim to tarnish the country's image.

The Cuban foreign affairs ministry stands by its historical position against mercenarism and actively opposes any form of human trafficking or recruitment for armed conflict.

Cuban citizens protesting against human trafficking and recruitment for armed conflict. [Photo taken with Sony Alpha A7 III]

The statement further asserts that Cuba is not involved in the war in Ukraine and will take decisive action against any individuals within its territory involved in such activities.

Prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Cuba expressed support for Russia and criticized the United States and its allies for their propaganda war and sanctions against Moscow.

Cuba remains firm in its stance against unilateral and unjust sanctions imposed by the West on Russia and the expansion of NATO towards Russia's borders.