published : 2023-11-06

Russia's Nuclear-Capable Missile Test Launch Sends Shockwaves Across the Globe

Imperator Alexander III strategic missile cruiser fires Bulava missile from a new submarine

An intense photograph of a Russian Borei-class nuclear submarine, taken with a Nikon D850

In a stunning display of military power, Russia has test-launched a nuclear-capable missile from a cutting-edge submarine.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported on Sunday that the Imperator Alexander III strategic missile cruiser successfully fired the Bulava missile from an underwater position in the northern White Sea.

The missile, designed to carry up to six nuclear warheads, traveled an extensive distance and struck a target in the far-eastern region of Kamchatka.

This remarkable demonstration of Russia's military might comes amidst escalating tensions with the West, particularly due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Adding to the tensions, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed a bill revoking Russia's ratification of a global nuclear test ban, citing the need to establish parity with the United States.

A striking image of the Imperator Alexander III strategic missile cruiser, showcasing its sleek design, taken with a Canon EOS R

The successful ballistic missile launch marks the final test for the vessel, paving the way for its potential induction into the Russian fleet.

Russia's Borei-class nuclear submarines, including the Imperator Alexander III, are slated to become the core naval component of the nation's nuclear forces in the coming decades.

At present, the Russian navy already has three Borei-class submarines in service, with one more undergoing tests and three others under construction, according to the Defense Ministry.

Under the leadership of President Putin, Russia has significantly increased military spending, aiming to rebuild its nuclear and conventional forces since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As relations between Moscow and the West reach their lowest point since the Cold War, Putin has even hinted at the possibility of resuming nuclear testing after more than three decades.

A captivating photo of President Vladimir Putin inspecting a Borei-class submarine, taken with a Sony A7 III

Although U.S.-Russian relations are currently at a dire state, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized that Putin remains open to future contacts with the United States.

Moving forward, Russian media reports suggest that the country plans to construct a total of 10 to 12 Borei-class submarines, with some destined for the Northern fleet and others for the Pacific fleet.

The Imperator Alexander III, also known as the Dolgoruky class of submarines, is the seventh of the Russian Project 955 Borei variant and the fourth of the modernized Borei-A variant.

This latest test launch once again cements Russia's position as a formidable global power, eliciting both awe and concern from the international community.