published : 2023-09-16

Apple's Climate Change Efforts Mocked in 'Cringey' Sketch with Actress as 'Mother Nature'

Hollywood actress Octavia Spencer stars in an Apple sketch promoting CEO Tim Cook and the company's sustainability initiatives

A photo of Apple CEO Tim Cook and Hollywood actress Octavia Spencer during the sketch promoting Apple's climate change efforts. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

Apple faced widespread mockery on Tuesday when CEO Tim Cook shared a video sketch emphasizing the company's climate change efforts. The sketch featured Hollywood actress Octavia Spencer portraying 'Mother Nature' alongside Cook.

The video starts with Apple employees, including Cook, appearing nervous for an important meeting at the company's headquarters. Suddenly, as birds flock outside the window and glasses on the conference room table shake, 'Mother Nature' makes her entrance.

Cook wrote in the video's caption, 'At Apple, we believe that climate change is one of the world's most urgent priorities, and we are deeply committed to doing our part. Today, we had a special guest - a real force of nature - stop by to check on our progress.'

An image of Apple employees appearing nervous in the conference room while 'Mother Nature' makes her entrance. (Taken with Nikon D850)

In the sketch, Spencer's character asserts her control over the weather and reminds Apple of its promise to bring its entire carbon footprint to zero by 2030. She challenges the company to live up to its goals and not disappoint her.

Apple employees present the company's sustainability initiatives to impress 'Mother Nature,' including the elimination of plastic from packaging, the use of recycled aluminum in products, the adoption of 'clean electricity,' and the establishment of carbon-neutral offices.

Cook introduces a 'carbon-neutral' watch and announces Apple's ambition to achieve a net-zero climate impact on all its devices by 2030.

A picture showcasing Apple's sustainability initiatives, including the use of recycled aluminum and carbon-neutral offices. (Taken with Sony Alpha a7 III)

The video received mixed reactions. Some viewers found it 'cringey,' with conservative strategist Greg Price highlighting the potential consequences of permanently removing all carbon from the atmosphere, while others praised the human elements of the sketch, including Spencer's dry humor.

Apple has yet to respond to the criticism.

Overall, the sketch aimed to highlight Apple's dedication to sustainability but faced criticism for its execution.