published : 2023-09-24

Unleashing Your Inner Gorilla: The Thrilling World of Tarzan Movement

A viral exercise trend teaches people to swing from trees, walk on all fours, and mimic ape noises

A photo of Victor Fleites immersed in nature, swinging gracefully from a tree, captured with a Canon EOS R.

In an emerging fitness trend known as the Tarzan Movement, enthusiasts are embracing their inner gorilla by connecting with nature in the most primal way.

Led by Tarzan Movement founder Victor Fleites and his team in Spain, followers are taught to climb trees on all fours, swing from vines, squat, make ape noises, and mimic animal movements throughout the forest.

According to Fleites, it's a way to reconnect with our animal roots and tap into that incredible part of ourselves that modern-day distractions and societal pressures have disconnected us from.

The movement's goal is to help seekers of enlightenment incorporate a fresh perspective into their lives and engage in daily practices that come naturally.

What sets Tarzan Movement apart is that it is a cultural phenomenon that transcends boundaries, not depending on a specific location or individual.

A close-up shot of a person walking on all fours, channeling their inner gorilla, taken with a Nikon Z7 II.

From Finland to the United States, Tarzan Movement has followers around the globe, documenting their experiences and progress on social media platforms such as Instagram.

But what inspired Fleites to start this movement? Growing up exploring Cuba's forests, Fleites had a moment of revelation upon observing a monkey's behavior in the jungle.

The feelings of freedom, fearlessness, and genuine presence in the moment he witnessed in the monkey resonated deeply with him.

To Fleites, connecting with nature and integrating mobility in the ecosystem is a rush of adrenaline that brings a sense of fulfillment and harmony.

The Tarzan Movement is not limited to professional athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Fleites offers a range of training levels to accommodate various athletic capabilities.

An image of a Tarzan Movement class in progress, with participants squatting and mimicking animal movements, photographed using a Sony A7 III.

However, he does caution individuals with physical limitations to avoid attempting the more advanced exercises showcased in his videos.

Every sport has progressions, and Tarzan Movement is no exception. It requires years of training and experience to master the tricks and movements that Fleites demonstrates.

In the pursuit of authenticity, Tarzan Movement aims to captivate and engage individuals, inspiring them to explore their animal instincts, embrace their inner gorilla, and make their daily lives an adventure.

Are you ready to unleash your inner gorilla? Join the Tarzan Movement and witness the transformative power of embracing your primal nature.