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published : 2023-10-26

Hamas Terror Chief Living in London Public Housing Project, Funded by UK Taxpayers: Report

London council home houses wanted Hamas member Muhammad Qassem Sawalha

A photo of Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, the designated Hamas member living in a government-subsidized London home. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

A shocking revelation has emerged about a Hamas leader residing in a government-subsidized London home, funded by UK taxpayers. Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, a designated Hamas member, has been living in the UK for decades, despite being wanted by Israeli authorities for running Hamas operations in the West Bank.

According to a report from The Sunday Times, Sawalha managed to escape to England in the 1990s and obtained a British passport in the early 2000s while continuing to work for Hamas. This discovery raises concerns about how someone with ties to terrorism could successfully navigate the system and take advantage of government assistance in the UK.

The report reveals that Sawalha and his wife received a significant discount on their council home in London's borough of Barnet, which has the highest Jewish population of any local authority in England. This raises additional alarm bells, as the community might now be living alongside an individual connected to a terrorist organization.

Barry Rawlings, the leader of the borough, expressed his horror at the situation and pledged to take appropriate action. He emphasized the need for reassurance in the wake of the escalating conflict in the Middle East, recognizing the responsibility of the council to address this issue.

An aerial shot of London's borough of Barnet, known for its high Jewish population. (Taken with DJI Mavic Air 2S)

While living in the UK, Sawalha continued his involvement with Hamas, including holding secret talks on reigniting attacks in Israel. He was indicted by the US Department of Justice in 2004 for money laundering to Gaza and the West Bank. Sawalha also served on Hamas' politburo, the organization's main decision-making body, between 2013 and 2017.

The fact that Sawalha's residence is located just minutes away from two synagogues is deeply concerning. In a neighborhood with a significant Jewish population, this discovery raises fears about the potential threat posed to the community.

UK Lawyers for Israel reported Sawalha to counterterrorism police in 2020; however, no further action was taken due to insufficient evidence. Sawalha's attorney dismissed The Times' report, denying the allegations and asserting his client's status as a law-abiding British citizen.

This revelation comes in the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, which began after Hamas launched attacks on Israel. Dueling protests and rallies in support of either side have erupted globally, leading to tensions and even arrests.

A close-up photo of Barry Rawlings, the leader of the borough, expressing concern about Sawalha's presence in the community. (Taken with Nikon D850)

London's Metropolitan Police Department has addressed the issue of terrorism, highlighting the specialist counterterrorism officers available to deal with such matters and emphasizing their commitment to maintaining public safety.

The shocking revelation of a Hamas leader finding refuge in a government-subsidized home in London raises significant concerns about national security, the effectiveness of immigration systems, and the potential threat posed to a community with a large Jewish population. It calls for a thorough investigation and appropriate action to prevent such incidents in the future.