published : 2023-11-11

UK Judges Uphold Decision to Remove Infant from Life Support Against Parents' Appeal

Italian Government Offers Continued Treatment at Vatican Hospital

UK judges in a courtroom taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Judges in the United Kingdom have doubled down on their mandate to remove a terminally ill infant from life support rather than allow parents to seek treatment at the Vatican.

Justice Robert Peel ruled Wednesday that 8-month-old Indi Gregory was to be removed from her life-supporting ventilator on Thursday against the parents' wishes.

An appeal in the case has been denied and the child is mandated to be removed from life support imminently.

Father Dean Gregory expressed his disappointment with the decision, stating, 'Claire and I are again disgusted by another one-sided decision from the judges and the Trust. The whole world is watching and is shocked at how we have been treated.'

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The Italian government, in an attempt to stop the British healthcare system from pulling Indi's life support, has granted citizenship to the child, allowing her to receive continued treatment at a Catholic hospital in Rome.

The UK courts have sided with the decision to withdraw life support, rejecting the parents' right to appeal.

The senior UK judges of the Court of Appeals ruled that the Italian government and the Vatican's attempts to transfer the infant were 'wholly misconceived.'

Leadership at the Vatican, in collaboration with the Italian government, have prepared resources for Indi to continue treatment at Bambino Gesù, a Catholic pediatric hospital in Rome.

Terminally ill infant receiving treatment at Vatican hospital taken with Sony Alpha a7 III

Despite the continued efforts of the parents, the UK judge's decision remains unchanged, leaving them with limited options.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is actively involved in advocating for Indi's transfer to Italy, expressing, 'They say there isn't much hope for little Indi, but until the very end, I'll do what I can to defend her life, and to defend the right of her mamma and papa to do all that they can for her.'

The Italian consul has requested that the UK cede jurisdiction to the child's designated Italian guardian due to the imminent danger to the life of Indi.