published : 2023-12-10

The Chosen's Jonathan Roumie: Discovering a Deeper Relationship with Faith

Actor Jonathan Roumie joins forces with Hallow's 'Pray 25' challenge

A photo capturing Jonathan Roumie, known for his role as Jesus in 'The Chosen,' deeply engaged in prayer, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Jonathan Roumie, renowned for his portrayal of Jesus in 'The Chosen,' is teaming up with the Hallow app to share the importance of faith this holiday season.

Roumie is collaborating with Hallow to present the Advent Pray 25 challenge, guiding Christians through the profound writings of C.S. Lewis to establish a more meaningful connection with Christ.

In an interview with 'The Story,' Roumie expressed, 'Your life is only enriched when you have a relationship with your Creator, and this app gives you literally thousands and thousands of ways to do just that, whether it's scripture readings, Bible, music.'

He further emphasized that Hallow offers options to deepen one’s relationship with Christ, regardless of denomination, stating, 'There's something for everyone.'

An image of the Hallow app's interface displaying a C.S. Lewis quote, as Jonathan Roumie encourages users to explore their faith using this powerful tool, taken with a Nikon D850.

Roumie believes that the Advent challenge on Hallow will be transformative, much like the impact scenes from 'The Chosen' have had on viewers.

He expressed his hope that his portrayal of Jesus would inspire viewers to explore the Bible and discover the true essence of Jesus' teachings, urging them to ask, 'Who was he and why did he change the world irrevocably 2,000 years ago?'

Roumie enthusiastically shared, 'If people are somehow drawn to the person of Jesus because they've seen my portrayal, and maybe they never heard of him or knew who he was... my job is done.'

Discussing the upcoming season four of 'The Chosen,' Roumie revealed that it would delve deeper into Jesus' journey, particularly his crucifixion and resurrection.

A snapshot showcasing a diverse group of individuals, representing different denominations of Christianity, gathered together for a prayer session guided by the Advent Pray 25 challenge on the Hallow app, taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

He added, 'It's becoming more difficult now to stay sort of strictly within Jesus' followers in that community. Everybody's now talking about Jesus.'

Roumie portrayed the anticipation within the storyline, explaining how opposition from the Roman and Jewish leaders added weight to Jesus' ministry.

In closing, Roumie expressed his humility and gratitude for the path his career has taken, stating, 'To do that for me is probably the most humbling career path that God could have ever brought me down.'