published : 2023-11-26

Scandal Erupts as Prison Guards Hold Jacuzzi Orgies and Have Intercourse on Duty

Inmates Allegedly Involved in Sexual Activities with Prison Employee

Prison hallway with a guard keeping watch. [Photo prompt: taken with Sony Alpha A7III]

Belgium’s largest prison is in turmoil following a shocking sex scandal that implicates guards and staff in organizing jacuzzi orgies and engaging in sexual acts on the job. The scandal was exposed in a local report, which detailed the employees' extravagant parties and their practice of trading colorful bracelets to determine their sex partners.

According to the report from Belgian news outlet Sudinfo, ten guards and staffers at Lantin Prison near Liège have come under fire for their involvement. Allegedly, the employees held orgies after work hours, often in a jacuzzi owned by a male guard known as 'P.' Participants would draw a colored bracelet to select their sexual partners at these parties.

One specific employee, referred to as a 'nymphomaniac,' allegedly demanded sex from colleagues while on duty in order to perform her job. An anonymous source confirmed this claim, mentioning that the employee would insist on having sex before being able to work.

The scandal further unravels as it is revealed that a senior official at the prison allowed the 'nymphomaniac' to use his office for sexual encounters with co-workers during her shift. Shockingly, the report also raises questions about the employee's hiring, suggesting that she had a brother who was an inmate at the same facility. The brother was apparently convicted and sentenced to prison for murdering a gay man.

A jacuzzi in a secluded outdoor setting. [Photo prompt: taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV]

The source added that the employee initially used to visit her brother daily at the prison as a visitor, with a friendly attitude toward other detainees' families. This behavior abruptly changed when she secured a job as a prison officer.

Amidst the scandal, the owner of the jacuzzi has been banned from the women's wing of the prison for allegedly having sexual interactions with female inmates. However, it remains unclear if other staff members also engaged in such activities with inmates.

To address the situation, the employee labeled as the 'nymphomaniac' has been reassigned solely to the women’s wing in an attempt to curb her sexual urges. Meanwhile, the ten employees involved are undergoing an official inquiry, and the prison officials have stated that they are investigating the allegations.

Belgium's Federal Public Service Justice Department commented on the ongoing investigation, stating that they were made aware of the problem through media reports and have initiated an internal inquiry. It is possible that disciplinary action will be taken based on the findings of the investigation.

Close-up of colorful bracelets on a table. [Photo prompt: taken with Nikon D850]

This scandal has cast a dark shadow over Lantin Prison, which is described as a minimum-security facility accommodating both male and female inmates. The prison, styled after 'American and German models,' is known as the largest establishment of its kind in the country.

As updates on this scandal unfold, society waits in suspense to learn the full extent of the misconduct and whether justice will be served in this alarming case.