published : 2023-10-28

Hamas Prevents Gaza Residents from Fleeing while Stealing Fuel, Palestinian Activist Says

Hamas terrorists have also allegedly stolen fuel from a UN relief agency in the Gaza Strip

A photo of Bassem Eid, the renowned Palestinian human rights activist and political analyst, sharing his insights on the situation in Gaza. This powerful image captures his determination to expose the truth. (Taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

Renowned Palestinian human rights activist and political analyst, Bassem Eid, reveals how Hamas has physically restrained and blocked people from leaving northern Gaza, forcing them to stay in harm's way.

Eid describes how Hamas sends their own security forces to push people back into their houses, prohibiting them from seeking safety elsewhere.

This deplorable behavior is leading to increased casualties among Palestinians as they are trapped and unable to escape the violence.

Hamas not only prevents the residents from leaving but also steals fuel from a UN relief agency, diverting resources that are meant to help the people.

This shocking revelation highlights the lengths that Hamas goes to maintain control over the civilian population, using them as human shields in their ongoing conflict with Israel.

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been conducting precision strikes on Gaza, aiming to degrade Hamas' capabilities and protect Israeli citizens.

Amidst this, the IDF has consistently issued warnings to residents of northern Gaza, urging them to evacuate to the south where they would be safe.

An aerial shot of the Gaza Strip, highlighting the confined environment in which the residents are trapped. This image showcases the impact of the ongoing conflict on the region. (Taken with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro)

However, Eid clarifies that the IDF only provides the warning and does not assist in the actual evacuation process.

Israeli Air Force planes have dropped leaflets over northern Gaza, informing residents of safe areas where they can gather for protection.

The IDF has also released an audio recording of a conversation with a Gaza resident who claims that Hamas is preventing people from leaving, further corroborating Eid's account.

In addition to using civilians as human shields, Hamas takes advantage of hospitals and other vital infrastructure, using them as shields for their underground operations.

This cynical tactic puts innocent lives at risk and undermines the ability of healthcare facilities to provide essential services.

Further evidence of Hamas' disregard for the welfare of the people is their theft of fuel from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

UNRWA initially confirmed the incident, stating that people claiming to be Hamas health ministry officials had taken tens of thousands of liters of gasoline.

A striking photograph capturing the destruction caused by the airstrikes in Gaza City. The shattered buildings serve as a haunting reminder of the violence endured by innocent civilians. (Taken with a Nikon D850)

However, they later deleted the post, attempting to retract the information, but a screenshot of the original thread remains, exposing their deceit.

While the IDF's warnings have prompted some residents to try fleeing to the south, the journey is dangerous as Israel responds with airstrikes.

Many fear leaving their homes as they may never be able to return, reminiscent of the displacement experienced by refugees during the 1948 war.

Residents describe the streets jammed with people attempting to escape and even cars being hit by airstrikes.

This harrowing situation demonstrates the urgent need for a resolution to protect innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of this conflict.