published : 2023-11-30

Gavin Newsom denounces 'evil' Hamas organization after Oakland residents defend terrorist group

Governor says Hamas 'must be called out' as 'evil' after residents defend terrorist group

Gavin Newsom delivering a passionate speech denouncing the evil actions of the Hamas organization.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has spoken out against the 'evil' actions of the Hamas organization following an incident in Oakland, where residents defended the Palestinian terrorist group.

A video of an Oakland City Council meeting went viral, capturing the shocking moment when residents voiced their support for Hamas, the group responsible for over 1,200 deaths in a recent attack on Israel.

Governor Newsom took to X, formerly Twitter, to express his stance on the matter, stating, 'Hamas is a terrorist organization. They must be called out for what they are: evil.'

The council meeting centered around a proposed resolution for a cease-fire by Israel in their conflict with Hamas. However, an amendment to the resolution, which condemned Hamas as the perpetrators of the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust, was voted down.

An emotional scene at the Oakland City Council meeting as residents defend the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

This amendment faced opposition from several Oakland residents who defended Hamas during their testimonies. One resident, featured in the video, dismissed the idea of Hamas being a terrorist organization as 'ridiculous, racist' and accused it of propagating genocidal propaganda.

Another resident labeled the condemnation of Hamas as 'anti-Arab racist', while yet another claimed that the narrative of the attack being a massacre of Jews was fabricated. They referred to the resolution as mere 'bald propaganda'.

Amidst the heated discussions, a man drew an extreme comparison by stating that listening to Israelis condemn Hamas was akin to 'listening to a wifebeater complain when his wife finally stands up and fights back.'

Despite these differing views, Governor Newsom remains resolute in his belief that Hamas ought to be called out for their actions. He emphasizes that they are an 'evil' organization.

A thought-provoking image showcasing the diverse opinions in Oakland regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The debate surrounding Hamas raises questions about whether it's a terrorist group or a resistance organization fighting for the liberation of the Palestinian people and their land.

As the community in Oakland grapples with conflicting opinions, it is evident that this incident has brought the issue of Hamas into the spotlight, encouraging a deeper examination of the organization and its objectives.