published : 2023-09-13

Ted Cruz slams Biden's $6B Iran hostage deal as critics call it a win for terrorists, Putin

Cruz claims another $10B in transfers will go to regime due to lack of sanctions enforcement

Ted Cruz speaking at a press conference - taken with Nikon D850

The Biden administration’s announcement on Monday that it unlocked at least $6 billion in sanctions relief for Iran's regime as part of a prisoner swap deal has sparked widespread criticism.

Sen. Ted Cruz, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, accused President Biden of establishing a secret nuclear deal with the Iranian regime, including a $6 billion ransom and the release of Iranian operatives.

The deal involves the US unfreezing $6 billion for Tehran's clerical rulers and releasing five convicted Iranians in the US. In return, the Iranian regime will release five Americans it seized as hostages.

Cruz argues that these are just the barest outlines of the concessions Biden has made, including an additional $10 billion transfer and not enforcing oil sanctions, allowing the Iranian regime to acquire a virtual nuclear arsenal.

President Joe Biden addressing the nation on Iran policy - taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The lack of transparency surrounding the agreement has generated outrage, with critics claiming that the funds could be diverted to aid Russian President Vladimir Putin in his war against Ukraine.

Former US Defense Intelligence Officer Rebekah Koffler believes that Russia will benefit from the deal, as it can pressure Washington to reverse its policies and release Americans held in Russia.

Critics also argue that the funds will be used for nefarious activities such as weapons production and supporting the regime's proxies in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, and Yemen.

There are concerns about the Biden administration's decision to rescue the Iranian regime instead of supporting the grassroots movement for regime change.

Protesters rallying against the Iran deal in front of the White House - taken with Sony a7 III

The article highlights the history of arrests and kidnappings of Western citizens by the Iranian regime, accusing them of spying and negotiating their release in exchange for large sums of money.

The ultimate impact of this deal remains to be seen, but it has already sparked controversy and raised questions about the Biden administration's approach to Iran.