published : 2023-10-17

MLB Pitcher Expresses Sadness over Hamas Attack Reactions

Zack Weiss of the Boston Red Sox speaks out against those attempting to justify the attack

Zack Weiss, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and member of Team Israel. [Photo prompt: Taken with Nikon D850]

The world woke up on Oct. 7 to the news that Hamas terrorists had entered Israel, indiscriminately killed civilians and took others hostage.

While most reacted in horror, declaring that Israel had the right to defend itself, there were some who attempted to justify or put blame on Israel for the unprecedented attack.

Zack Weiss, a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and a member of the 2021 Team Israel Olympic team, spoke with Fox News and expressed sadness over those attempting to provide a justification.

Israel under attack by Hamas. [Photo prompt: Taken with Canon EOS R]

Weiss stated, 'It’s a bummer that there is some sort of justification for what took place. I think anybody who has seen the videos of what’s happened is familiar with any of the stories that you’ve heard from people, that’s just one-on-one disgusting terrorism at its core. It’s personal, it’s inhumane, it’s just so direct. And that action, in my opinion, is just rooted so deeply in hatred that I don’t really see how we’re seeing political organizations justify it in a political sense.'

He further added, 'And I think that’s the point that’s really disappointing and disheartening a little bit is whatever your opinion is on the regimes in place, what we saw was horrific, devastating, should never occur human to human, and you’re seeing a justification. And I think that’s pretty disgusting.'

Weiss emphasized the importance of recognizing the gravity of the situation, stating, 'Because if you’re familiar with the geography of the region, that’s the land you’re describing. The state of Israel is included in that.'

Pro-Palestinian rallies and demonstrations. [Photo prompt: Taken with Sony Alpha A7 III]

Regarding the rallies and posts attempting to justify the attack, he expressed, 'I guess unfortunately, probably not. I think somehow the Jews make up 0.2 percent of the population, yet [billionaire George] Soros is the boogie man in America. There seems to be antisemitic [tropes] in a lot of what you hear, from kind of everywhere. So, I guess I’m not stunned, but I think I’m disappointed in just the humanity of it because … this is just so different in a human response.'

Summing up his thoughts on the matter, Weiss said, 'To see what you saw and applaud it, that’s not human. That’s not how our emotions should work when you see families slaughtered indiscriminately. And these people are posting videos of it, they’re proud of it, they’re parading, they’re taking hostages. This isn’t war. It’s terrorism at its most disgusting level.'

Since the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks, Israel has declared war on Hamas and launched airstrikes in Gaza, leading to more deaths.